Winter Fashion: Shine In Sequins


With the arrival of fall and winter, we can start looking forward to all the holidays and the parties. From Halloween, Thanksgiving and all the way to Christmas, there is a lot that happens in the chilly season. Apart from that, we have our own plans, date nights, parties and events to attend.

As exciting as it may sound it can be a tough time for us ladies, always worrying about what to wear. Although the biggest dilemma of every woman’s life remains, we can still offer a bit of a solution to your problem this season.

Getting the right look can be tricky but anything can be pimped and glammed up with glitter and glamorous sequins. When you wear sequins, looking fancy is effortless. The striking glimmer is itself enough to make you stand out and shine. Here are some ideas to help you shine at every party throughout the holiday season.

1. Shine in your Shirt

sequin 1

If you’re not a person who wears dresses to parties and you’re always looks for something that has a top and a bottom, then here are some glittery options for you. A white mesh top with iridescent and bold sequins can make you standout. Sequin tops are naturally party-wears and can be worn at any festive occasion. Yes, even at Christmas parties.

You need not worry about big statement accessories or bold makeup when you wear something like this.

2. A dress that shines

sequin 2

Nothing can be as perfect as a sequin dress for festive gatherings. Your Aztec dress or the sequined sweater dress all are made perfectly for such occasions. You can wear it and strike a pose. There is nothing else you need to glam up an evening. A sequin Aztec dress is the perfect combination of two of our favorite trends. As for the chilly weather, you can always get a sparkly sweater dress that will make you shine.

4. All that Shine

sequin 3

What is nice to wear, adds glamour to your party looks and can be easily worn during any occasion? Sequined bottoms or an overall sequined romper. A sequined short or skirt can be worn semi-formally. Pair these with a plain top to sparkle subtlety or you can go all-glamorous with a romper. There is also something exquisitely sexy about a sequined romper. All you need now is a red lip pout, to make it to the limelight.

5. Cozy Shine

sequin 4

We know you’ll need your coats and sweaters with you during Christmas, so how about a little shine there too? A tailored coat with sequined sleeves is something you will definitely need the entire winter season. For a perfect holiday lunch or dinner with family you may need something warm and cozy. Wear your stunning sequined sweater with a skater skirt and get compliments from everyone in family. If you want a low key shimmer in your coats look for something with minimal sequined detail.

These sequins are all the perfection you need in life. This holiday season, every woman deserves to shine. Make sure you stick your wardrobe with all things glittery.


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