Why Being A Single Lady On Valentine’s Day Is Not So Bad

The day single women around the world dread, is now upon us once again. I never understood why women hated this particular day. Okay, so it’s a day couples celebrate their love for each other. The stores are filled with chocolate hearts bigger then one’s head and teddy bears that say, “I love you”. Do we really care if we get those from our significant other or from a guy we’re considering? We desire for those things as a token of affection but stash them in the back of our closet once the day is over. Honestly, being single on Valentine’s Day really isn’t so bad. Here’s why…

These days, so many people rush into relationships because they believe it will tighten their bond with that other person. I used to be one of those people. Recently I’ve realized that honest relationships are worth the wait, so you get the love that you deserve. Be proud that you aren’t one of these women stuck in a relationship they aren’t happy with; and are forced to celebrate it. Just because your relationship has a label doesn’t mean it’s genuine love.

The key is to be patient; although, patience is definitely not my strongest quality. I constantly struggle with this everyday. Patience is one of the best mannerisms any person could have, whether or not you naturally have it to begin with. I’ve learned recently that patience isn’t about how long one can wait, but how well one behaves while waiting. I’m learning to have a brighter outlook during this process, and to just enjoy life and dating as it teaches you its value. Life has its own way of working out; so don’t rush it because extraordinary people take time. Be patient that in the future you will spend this coveted day, with the man of your dreams and all the single days will be worth it.

The longer you wait for something, the more you’ll appreciate it when you get it. Anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for, especially true love. I think a lot of people forget that they deserve someone’s complete attention, and not crumbs of their affection. Many people have to be reminded that today is Valentine’s Day and men across the nation are scrambling to get that last box of chocolate at the store, or that last bouquet of flowers. Please, don’t be jealous of that.

Another phrase for Valentine’s Day is “Singles Awareness Day.” Being single does not mean you can’t get anyone to date you. Being single also does not mean you are some horrible person. Being single means that you are strong enough to wait for what you truly deserve. Being single means you are strong enough to have the patience to wait. This is why people who are single out there on Valentine’s Day should not feel bad about being single.

My advice to people reading this article:

If your single, wait for what you deserve and never settle, be patient. Work on yourself and the right people will catch up to you in time.

If you’re taken, appreciate all of the little moments and actions that your loved ones have done for you and celebrate that today. It shouldn’t take Valentine’s Day to have your prince charming show you how much he loves you, but hey, a girl could always use some chocolate.

Whether you’re taken or single, enjoy all the love that surrounds you. Call your mother. Call your father. Call your sister. Call your best friend. Love has no limit.

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