Your Video Tour Of The Apple Watch Is Here! (VIDEO)


Apple has released its first series of “Guided Tours” videos before the Apple Watch hits stores on April 24. As of April 10, customers have begun submitting pre-orders so they can stay up-to-the-minute so to speak, on the smart watch.

The first-generation of Apple Watch is available in three model lines; the Classic Apple Watch ($549-1,100), the Apple Watch Edition ($10,000-17,000) and the Apple Watch Sport ($349-399) which is the cheapest but nonetheless perfect for everyday wear.

Just to be clear, the Apple Watch Edition is a luxury watch that comes in 18-karat yellow gold and rose gold with a sapphire crystal display, maybe an attempt to make a solid gold watch that only tells time look archaic.

Apple Watch is newfangled, but unobjectionably nifty. It’s the most personal watch anyone can own. It can give you a tap when you get a notification and even monitors your heart rate. And it’s activated with only the flick (raise) of a wrist. Stay sharp and be sharp with Apple Watch.

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