Victoria’s Secret Model Lily Aldridge Dancing Around In A $2 Million Gold-Encrusted Bra Will Require A Drool Cup (VIDEO)

The new Victoria’s Secret bra has been unveiled and if you have a cool $2 million, you could make your girlfriend very happy. The bra has been showcased by Victoria’s secret angel and absolute show-stopper Lily Aldridge.

The bra took an astounding 685 hours of labor to master, complete with 6,500 precious gems, ranging from blue topaz and garnet to yellow sapphire—all set in 18-karat gold,  according to Vogue.

Per Vogue,

In total, the combined weight of all the stones is just under 1,364 carats, while even the panties pack a punch, dotted with 126 diamonds and 400 other precious stones.


Check out one of the most beautiful women on the planet playfully dancing around in it. Almost seems like she’s dancing just for you. Almost.


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