When You Should Turn Your Friends With Benefits Into The Real Deal


The hook up culture is fun, enticing, brutal and more sexual than you can imagine. There are no limits on what goes as long as you “trust” each other. A nude selfie is something that happens on the regular from a random babe, and it’s pretty easy to get laid. Friends with benefits is so common now. The beauty of it all- it is now pretty much understood by all parties what this actually means.

But what happens when you actually find yourself into this chick? You know she’s probably not as innocent as she looks, but the craziest thing is that drives you crazy the most. I found myself in this dilemma and I had to weigh out the pros and the cons.

11. Her sex game is on point.

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It’s hard to find someone whose body just clicks with yours, but somehow, you two have all the right moves. She turns you on so much and gets you off every time.

10. She comes over after 11 and leaves within 2 hours (after f*cking of course).

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Even on the nights you only have work the next morning and she doesn’t, or if you both have work, or if you just really want to f*ck, she understands that you are just trying to get a quickie in and she doesn’t mind helping you out.

9. She doesn’t get involved in your personal stuff.

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She doesn’t really try to get involved with things that are going on in your life, but you like to talk to her about it anyway because she has a good perspective on most things and helps you understand and get through these things.

8. She pays attention to what you like.

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She knows everything you like just from hanging out with you and getting to know you. She usually surprises you with things like candy, bud, or your favorite bottle of alcohol when you invite her over.

7. You would rather spend a night with her than go out on a weekend.

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Let’s face it, finding a woman at the bar isn’t as easy as it’s cracked up to be. You usually end up lowering your standards and the sex is mediocre. You would much rather just kick it home with her.

6. She never questions who else you are hooking up with.

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She never gets weird about people texting you while she’s there and she never oversteps her boundaries. You guys are pretty open with each other, but you both respect each others boundaries; if you don’t ever ask her about who she’s hooking up with, she would never ask you who you are hooking up with because that’s just not what friend with benefits do and she understands that.

5. She keeps it judgement-free.

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You guys started as just fucking, so you told each other dirty secrets and you don’t judge each other on those. You actually find it hot that she has done some wild things in her past and want to explore what else can happen.

4. You would never want to get with someone in front of her.

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You would never want to hurt her feelings or make anything awkward by hooking up with someone in front of her, because you do want to continue to hang out with her and you actually find a little bit in you that cares about her.

3. She’s actually an amazing catch.

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She’s sexy, unique and you both have the same type of goals…which is probably why you are f*ck buddies. You are both on the right path to success, and she is confident, which turns you on even more.

2. She loves morning head.

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She will come over in the morning just to wake you up by going down on you because she wants to. Don’t question it-just enjoy it.

1. She knows your boys come first.

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She has her own life, but is willing to skip a few things to get that late night smash in. She is willing to let you go out with the boys and she will do her thing until you are ready to take it back to the bedroom. She usually will pick you up from wherever you are, or she will come back to your place, which is always a bonus.



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