Tom Brady’s Diet Labeled “Birdseed Sh*t” By Fellow Teammates


I thought I had severe eating habits, but Tom Brady is even more austere. Brady, 37, really doesn’t have anything else to do but play football and smolder on the cover of GQ, but he treats his body more sacredly than most fitness gurus and Victoria’s Secret models do; he says he wants to “maintain balance and harmony through my metabolic system.”

What does the sports megastar eat? His teammates call it “birdseed shit”, but Brady accedes to an 80-20 theory that is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. No sugar, no alcohol. All year.

So while all of you are turning up and celebrating drunk off your asses, Brady is probably asleep; he has an 8:30 bed time that can only be interrupted by football, his kids, or his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen.

Mark Leibovich wrote a remarkable and extensive article on Tom Brady in the New York Times, and in it he wrote this to give readers an idea of how Brady eats and what his treats consist of. For example, he puts kale and collard greens in his electrolyte-enhanced protein shakes.

“I asked Guerrero at one point if Brady is ever allowed to eat a cheeseburger. ‘Yes, we have treats,’ he said. ‘We make them.’ Like what? ‘Usually raw desserts, like raw macaroons.’ Ice cream made from avocado is another favorite, Guerrero said.”

Guerrero didn’t really specify if Brady eats cheeseburgers since he only said they make their own raw treats (I’m going with birdseed shit on this one), but it’s rumored that he does give into onion rings on occasion.

Live your life. Eat a cheeseburger. And enjoy the Super Bowl.

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