The 10 Richest Soccer Teams In The World

They call it the beautiful game.  Imagine a pitch inundated with the screams and chants of the fans, the smell of smoke and hope in the air.  You are surrounded by 100,000 people all focused on the exact same thing as you.  You may remember this moment for ever, this moment may even be priceless.  Although that may be true, creating that environment takes money and a strong business model.  Knowing who to sign and what deals to make is crucial for a successful football club.  It puts food on people’s tables and Hublots on their wrists.  Since Forbes Magazine starting ranking the clubs nearly a decade ago, the positions have remained somewhat consistent.  However, this year for the first time two spanish clubs hold the top two spots.

Real Madrid, with the help of the always assertive Christiano Ronaldo took the top spot while Barcelona with the electrifying Lionel Messi holds the second.

All of the figures presented are based off of Forbes’ assessment, mostly stemming from shirt deals and  international and domestic television rights.  All values are in USD as of the 2012-2013 season.

Here are the Top 10 richest soccer teams:

10. Liverpool

Current Value: $691 million


9. Juventus

Current Value: $850 million


8. AC Milan

Current Value: $856 million


7. Manchester City

Current value: $863 million


6. Chelsea

Current value: $868 million


5. Arsenal

Current value: $1.33 billion


4. Bayern Munich

Current value: $1.85 billion

Germany Soccer Bundesliga

3. Manchester United

Current value: $2.81 billion


2. Barcelona

Current value: $3.2 billion

Lionel Messi

1. Real Madrid

Current value: $3.44 billion



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