Take Pole Dancing Lessons To Achieve A Better Mind And Body (Video)

Highly connoted as a strictly sexual strip club act constructed for the erotic playground, pole dancing is actually a sport and an art. Pole dancing focuses on acrobatics and dance. The pole is used as a tool and a guide for the body to achieve focus, balance, and strength in the entire body as well as throughout the mind.

Many gyms and dance studios have incorporated pole dancing in fitness programs, and pole dancing competitions are held worldwide. If anyone thinks this is easy, here’s some competition-Bendy Kate from the World Pole Dance championships held this past January:

Pardon my French, but this sh*t’s intense. Pole dancers train every second they can. They fearlessly climb, pull, hang, swivel, and drop themselves to fill their audience with amazement and awe. Secretly, we all want to know how to pole dance. Pole dancing is mysterious and elegantly dangerous. Not to mention it’s an excellent calorie-torching workout, it builds confidence, and it’ll do wonders in the bedroom.

So why wait? If you’re looking for a dexterous full body workout where the core is the powerhouse, and are able to totally dedicate yourself to it, take pole dancing classes. Bring your sister, your boyfriend (men pole dance too!), even your mom. Always remember that pole dancers are skilled, hardworking, and drop dead sexy. They’re just as much of ladies and gentlemen as any of us. And they have really great shoes.

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