Supermodels Stay Sexy With Yoga

Supermodels are just like you and me. They are confident, gorgeous, driven, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The world of modeling is as cutthroat as ever and the search for a competitive edge is a daily struggle.  No longer can models live a reckless unhealthy life.

The days of the after party coke binges are nearly over.

Nowadays, the top supermodels are turning to more holistic ways to stay thin and in shape.  Yoga is not a fad; it’s a way of life. It can help to relieve stress and put all your worries to rest. Yoga helps you stay centered; it puts you in a transcendent state, and it is the perfect way to stay focused and acute.

So grab your apple and greens smoothie, strike a match to your favorite candle and learn a thing or two from these strikingly empowered women.



Miranda Kerr could not look sexier while pulling off this advanced pose.



Erin Heatherton eyes are almost as delicious as her abs.



Gisele Bundchen practices whenever she can.



Kate Upton staying toned, thank you Kate.


*NOT FOR SITE* Victoria's Secret Event

Candice Swanepoel in perfect form.



Erin and Candice after a solid workout.


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