Sundays Are For The Boys: 5 Reasons Women Need To Stop Complaining About Men Watching Football


Football season is upon us and that means that every Sunday, if you are in a relationship with a man, you will be put to the back burner. Some women are okay with this or join along in the festivities; others can let it ruin a relationship.

Football is exciting, emotional and sometimes excruciating. It can make a man the happiest he has ever been or it can leave him in tears. When a guy watches football with his boys, he is in his “happy place” and if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad… right?

If you are one of those ladies who gives your boyfriend/husband shit for watching football, here are 5 reasons you should reconsider.


5. You scratch his back, he’ll scratch yours.

Most men are like little puppy dogs, if you let them have a good time and do what they want to do for a short amount of time, they will come back with so much more love than you can ever imagine. Give your man a couple of hours each week to watch a couple of games and see how he treats you after. The more you let him do, the more his friends will think you are awesome and that will make him want to do things to you and for you. Sexually, mentally and physically he will be willing to please you for the rest of the week, especially if his team is in the lead. Relationships are all about compromise. Give him a motive and use this time to your advantage, ladies! If you give him what he wants, he will return the favor.

4. More time for yourself.

Think of something that you love. This could be shopping, watching a sappy t.v. show each week or baking cookies. Whatever it is you like to do, think about how much your significant other complains about you for enjoying this. For the most part, he probably doesn’t care. So why do you care so much about what he wants to do? You should use this time wisely for yourself; catch up with your girlfriends or have a relaxing day to yourself. Go to brunch with the girls or get a massage on his credit card. The more that you show that you can be independent, the more he will want to be with you because he will admire you for living for yourself.

3. He will know that you actually respect him as a person and that will make him respect and appreciate you.

Who do you think you are? Honestly, getting mad that he wants to watch football? He is not your child and he does not want to be treated like one. Think about why you fell in love- your individuality and who you were as a person. Football allows men to go back in time to a good place in their lives. It makes them feel tough, fierce, happy and like they belong to something. You knew that this person loved this sport from the start, and you fell in love with him regardless. When you take away football, you take away their manhood, and that’s not cool. Respect him so he will respect you.

2. Be thankful that he’s passionate about something.

There are so many people in the world who have no drive or passion for life. If your man is passionate about football, be thankful. It doesn’t last all year and it’s a bunch of dudes running around, hitting each other. It’s not like there are ever any other girls involved and if they are, they are usually with one of his buddies, because let’s face it, men do not want women around when football is on, no matter how hot they are.

1. The number one reason is that you don’t want to be “that girl”, trust me.

Men talk just as much as girls. If you are “that girl” and you don’t allow your man to watch football with his friends, you are in for a long road of being hated and having people want you to break up. Football may just be a game to you, but to others, it is a way for them to escape all the negative things going on in their life and be involved in something that doesn’t take much thinking, and it’s something that they understand, which makes them feel superior; even if it’s just for those couple of hours. Honestly, when you b*tch about him watching football, you just look like a clingy/needy girl and that’s giving us all a bad rep. So just let him be, it will make your relationship so much better.



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