Single Americans Now Make Up More Than Half Of Adult Population


Good news to all those out there struggling with being “alone”. In reality, you’re actually very much, not alone. 



Bloomberg News and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that according to a report entitled “Selfies” by economist Edward Yardeni- 124.6 million Americans, or 50.2% of adults 16 and older, were unhitched. The first time the government started to compile the numbers was 1976 and in this year the proportion of singles was around 37.4%.

Yardeni called this surge in singles “remarkable”. He wrote that the dominance of American singles has “implications for our economy, society and politics.”  He also argues that the growing number of single-person households makes income inequality appear worse than it actually is, stating “While they have less household earnings than married people, they also have fewer expenses, especially if there are no children in their households”.

So what gives? Why is everyone single? Well for starters, in 1973 they didn’t have online dating. Where the click or swipe of one button you are able to essentially meet up (“f*ck) with anyone you want. Another thing is that americans are marrying later and later in life. A 2013 report by Brookings Institution found the average age of marriage has gone from the early 20s in the 1970′s to the late 20s today. The picture below was also a study done in March 2014 by PEW. They came to a similar conclusion and charts out the differences over the years.


via: pew

There are so many other reasons why more and more people are keeping single including avoiding their parents mistakes- coming from a divorced household makes you reconsider the benefits or the rush of getting married. We are also selfish as f*ck and would rather focus on a career now and a family later. Or how about economic advantages?

Whatever the case may be, if you are down and out about being single, just remember that you are not alone. Focus on yourself, make that money, have sex with as many people as possible (but stay strapped) and do what you want to do- when you want to do it and eventually, someone will come along.

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