Lana Del Rey’s Interview Regret Is Shady, Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Fires Back

Lana Del Rey has been quite bitter these past few days, outwardly blaming a reporter at the Guardian via Twitter on Thursday for an interview she regrets having. Those tweets have since been deleted, but they stated, “I regret trusting the Guardian. I didn’t want to do an interview but the journalist was persistent. Alexis was masked as a fan but was hiding sinister ambitions and angles. Maybe he’s actually the boring one looking for something interesting to write about. His leading questions about death and persona were calculated.”

Sinister and boring. It as if the interviewer is Del Rey’s Boogie Man. In the interview, she was asked if she finds dying young attractive. While this may come off as quite a morbid question for anyone to answer, Del Rey must have forgotten that yes, she does have the option of saying no. Instead, she talks about members of the tragically esteemed 27 club like Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, and her “number 1″ Amy [Winehouse]. Then when she was asked if she would see it glamorous in herself, she again could have responded with a firm “No,” but instead she whisks herself off into her own funereal fantasies where she immediately giggles and admits, “Yeah I mean, you know, I wish I was dead already… like I don’t want to have to keep doing this, you know, but I am.” When asked whether she meant being a pop star or just generally living, she responded with “Everything.”

Depression is really difficult to deal with, I get that. It’s an illness that consumes people and it makes those who suffer through it feel empty and not worthy of living, so of course Del Rey may be applauded for her courage in expressing her honesty. The thing that really gets to me though is the fact that when she did regret her answers, she ended up blaming her interviewer (Alexis Petridis I believe) instead of speaking about her answers.

If dying young is something she feels passionately about, she needs to learn more about those singers and why they died, because she herself admitted during the interview that she didn’t know how any of them died. This is really surprising to hear coming from someone in the music industry who embodies the quintessential 1960s persona.

There are many things about her that we admire, and many things about her that are concerning. She created Lana Del Rey from Lizzy Grant. Her album Born to Die and her newest and better album UltraViolence are bred on controversy, i.e. Del Rey’s appropriation of Native American and Latino gangster culture and her more profound interests in “intergalactic possibilities” rather than feminism (which just isn’t interesting to her). Del Rey has her own take on things, and that’s great but she has done things that have crossed the line and alleging that she was manipulated by a writer/interviewer who was simply just asking questions and doing his job simply isn’t cool. She was complaining probably because she did not know just how much she was opening up. From reading her tweets mentioned above, her argument was poorly constructed because throughout the interview I listened to on a SoundCloud clip posted by the Guardian, she appeared dare I say eager even to answer questions she later pinned as “leading”.

Francis Bean Cobain recently tweeted to Lana Del Rey to give her a taste of her own depressing medicine and bluntly told Del Rey:

“The death of young musicians isn’t something to romanticize about. I’ll never know my father because he died young & it becomes a desirable feat because ppl like u think it’s cool.” She continued- “Well, it’s f–king not. Embrace life, because u only get one life. The people u mentioned wasted that life. Don’t be 1 of those ppl. ur too talented to waste it away.”


Del Rey has yet to respond, but we hope she learned a lesson or two from Cobain and has had time to reflect on her answers.


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