Remember This When You Reach A Life Crisis


Your life is never going to stay the same. It was made to allow you to be mindful of who you are, where you are, and what you were given. It was not made to allow you to stay stagnant. If we all stayed the same, life would be boring… and who wants a boring life?

It doesn’t matter what your crisis is. You feel fat, you lost a job, you hate your job, you got in a fight with a lover, or a friend- whatever the circumstance is, realize that you were given this to learn from. This right here, right now, is something that you need to overcome. You were made to overcome this moment in time whether you think you can or not.

Realize the situation. If it is something within yourself, improve it. If you are getting heavy and you don’t know how to stop, put the ice cream down and pick up the veggies. If you feel that you did something wrong to yourself or someone else, talk it through with that person or yourself and realize why you did it. Learn from it and move on from it.

If you don’t like your job or you are not doing the best you can at your job- figure out a way that you can improve. If this means get in earlier and leave later, do it. If you don’t have enough time to get things done, stop watching TV on your “off time” and start doing the things you need to do to get ahead.

Life is simple. Seize every opportunity, every person and every bite you have. Open your mind and your heart to diversity and understand that you were made to overcome and conquer challenges because in the end, this will be a learning experience and you will improve in ways you never thought you could.

Improve yourself and never stop trying. Life will not slow down for you and life is short- start doing the things you love and start being the person you want to be. Every “life crisis” is just a turning point that marks your next chapter. Only you can decide how you accept this turning point and how you will respond to it. Be better than you were before.


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