Why Your Relationship Will Never Work: 7 Relationship Deal Breakers For Men


Every one of us, male and female, has that something we just can’t forget about when it comes to someone of the opposite sex. They could be a great person and you could enjoy spending time with them and even actually like them. But if they have that something you just look the other way on; it’ll never work. This thing you can’t look the other way on is called, “The Deal Breaker”. From my observations and discussions with many men about this subject, I have come up with 7 things men just won’t let slide.


Playing Dumb.

Any intelligent male over the age of 21 can’t stand a chick who plays dumb. There is actually nothing attractive about it. You could be a ten, but acting dumb brings you down to a 6. Girls who play dumb have “One-Night Stand” written all over them; they just don’t know it. Just be you, it’s much more attractive.


Serial Dating.

This is an enormous deal breaker. No one wants the girl who is only single for two weeks at a time. Being a serial dater gives you two qualities that no man wants to consistently deal with. You’re clingy, and you’re emotional. Basically, we don’t want a girl who always needs a man there and then gets emotional after a day of not seeing them.


You’re Really Into Animals.

Sorry ladies, but you can’t be more into animals than you are into things like your job and food. Like yeah, animals are cool, they’re cute, they’re adorable; they’re whatever you want to call them. But a guy would rather climb to the top of the Freedom Tower and swan dive into a dixie cup, than go to a dog show as an activity.You can like animals, but when it’s all you talk about; we just don’t care about it.


Self-Esteem Issues.

This works two ways. Either you think very low of yourself or very high of yourself. You should think highly of yourself, but you also need to be humble. However, if you think too low of yourself, that’s not attractive either. Mainly because women with self-esteem issues will always think you’re messing around behind their backs. We don’t want that. We want the woman who’s confident enough to know we would never do it. Also, we want the woman who doesn’t need us to survive.


You’re Not Into Sports.

You don’t need to be obsessed with sports. You just need to do two things. Enjoy going to a game every now and then, and be okay with letting us watch the game when we want to watch it. Obviously, if you’re knowledgeable and know you’re shit; that’s awesome too. But if you’re going to argue about putting on HGTV while the game is on, it’s just not going to work.


You Still Talk To Your Ex.

This is a recipe for disaster if it’s allowed to happen. Ex’s don’t talk because they’re friends. Ex’s talk so the door stays open for a late night drunk text. It’s been that way since the beginning of time; regardless of what excuses you want to sugar coat it with. And it also shows us, and everyone else, that you haven’t moved on yet.


You Don’t Get Along With Our Friends.

It’s a pretty simple formula, here. If you don’t get along with our friends, we can’t date you. We want to be able to hang out with you while our friends are around. If our friends feel like there’s something about you they don’t like, it just can’t work out. Why? Because our friends are the biggest influences in our lives.


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