Pre-Order Ryan Adams’ Album Covering Taylor Swift’s “1989″ That Will Be Released September 21


The 40 year old singer/songwriter Ryan Adams has been teasing about his cover of Taylor Swift’s album 1989 on twitter and it finally has a release date- Monday, September 21, 2015. This full cover album is available to pre-order now while also releasing his cover of “Bad Blood.”

Taylor tweeted, “Ryan’s music helped shape my songwriting. This is surreal and dreamlike,” with a countdown to the release.

This is a soulful, moody acoustic version of her hard hitting tone but it still has the same catchy undertones. Adams’ 1989 will be released digitally for now, though he has indicated that CD and vinyl versions will also be released.

Adams first announced his Swiftian endeavor last month. On Instagram, he previewed his annotated copy of the “Welcome to New York” lyrics and revealed that he would record the synth-y pop songs in the style of the Smiths.

Swift has been on board ever since the announcement, tweeting that she would “pass out” if it were true. Adams was equally complimentary in his confirmation tweet to Swift. “Badass tunes, Taylor. We’re sandblasting them, and they’re holding steady.” Since then, Adams has been previewing snippets of his covers on Twitter and Instagram, showing him and his band in the studio working on the album.


featured image via Dave J Hogan/Getty; Michael Stewart/WireImage/Getty

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