These 4 Celebrity Kids Made Hollywood Reek With Cuteness In Their Adorable Halloween Costumes


This Halloween, Hollywood is stinking cute! Celebrity parents including Kardashian moms Kim and Kourtney, along with Fergie and Jamie-Lynn Sigler have let their skunks on the loose. No need to call animal control though, because these celebrities’ kids are cute enough for the neighborhood to tolerate.

Why skunks? Not too sure, but it is the perfect costume for anyone who wants to balance cute and cuddly with a touch of fear; as cool as they are, no one wants to go near a skunk. But these little stinkers must be getting a lesson or two from the world’s most suave skunk Pepé le Pew, because they have us enamored of them.



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See how frightful these delightful tikes are in their matching skunk costumes this year!

1. North West


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Kim Kardashian has been boasting how adorable her “little stinker” North West is in her skunk costume, but North West didn’t need any of her mom’s help to spread her fame as one of the cutest critters this Halloween in Hollywood. Little North is taking stealthy footsteps, shooting a warning glance. This 16 month old is ready to spray anyone who takes her candy from her.

2. Penelope Disick (with North West)



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North West was seen with her fellow skunk cousin Penelope Disick. We love Penelope’s whiskers that add to the innocence of these matching critters in crime.

 3. Axl Duhamel



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Axl Duhamel walks up to your house like a boss, expressing trick or treating triumph with his zombie comrade. He looks sweet and spunky, showing us all how to rock this costume. Looks like he wants some extra candy bars!

 4. Beau Dykstra



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The Sopranos‘ Jamie-Lynn Sigler threw a filter on “Boo!”-tiful son Beau, tip-toeing around the house with a curled up tail. Looks like he may have fallen on his bum a couple times! Too precious.



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