Mindgasm: How to Think Yourself to Orgasm

Be one with your body and mind…

The elusive orgasm: it fascinates its fair share of women! We analyze it from every angle,  we look for ways to reach it faster and more intensely whether solo or with a partner. But is sexual climax necessarily a genital thing? Did you know that certain people can achieve orgasm by just thinking about it and without any physical contact?  Let us explain.
Pop quiz: what’s your largest sexual organ? If you answered the brain, you’re right. Indeed, the brain registers all of our emotions, hence why thought plays a major part in our arousal and sexual satisfaction, and possesses extraordinary power over the human body. I think therefore I come? That essentially sums it up; you could have the greatest lover in the world but if your head’s not in it, it won’t work!Have you ever had an erotic dream? Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, aroused by the sexual activities that just played out in your mind? What you experience physically is very real. Recent studies show that 4% of women reach orgasm during their kinky dreams. The subconscious is a powerful thing, isn’t it?

So how can you make your dreams a reality?

Feed your erotic imagination

First things first: give yourself the necessary tools to develop and stimulate your erotic imagination. The idea is to focus on sexual fantasies and specific scenarios that may be significant to you. Every person possesses a  fantastical universe of his or her own, hence it’s important to nourish ourselves with powerful and evocative images. Equip yourself! For example, you can draw inspiration from erotic films or literature.

Work on your breathing

The breath is the vehicle for pleasure. In other words, it is the thread through which arousal travels through the entire body. Hence, pay careful attention to your breathing. It should be deep and fluid at all times, never short or choppy. Think of every breath as a wave traveling through your body.

Be in the here and now

The best sexual experiences take place when we are relaxed and excited at the same time. Loosen up, awaken and feel every part of your body. Whenever you get aroused, the brain sends messages to the genitals, which become the bed of physical sensations. For sexual tension to develop into orgasm, it is essential to involve the genitals. When you breathe slowly, contract your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles around the vagina that extend from the pubis to the coccyx) to intensify sensations.

Admittedly, thinking your way to orgasm requires a great deal of concentration. Certain people will achieve it easily, whereas others won’t at all. But if it enables you to work on your ability to let go by helping you to enjoy the here and now; if it allows you to learn more about yourself sexually, why not give it a try?




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