Men’s Polo Shirt: Revival of the Fittest


This summer’s trend in menswear is a return to the classics, specifically, the men’s polo shirt. A staple in nearly every man’s wardrobe for generations, its resurgence comes with more options and accessories to take the look to a formidable position in fashion yet again. Whatever your style directive may be, the men’s polo shirt should be an essential part of your look.

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Men’s polo shirts have returned with more colors and patterns than ever before, an obvious wink and nod to the current hipster culture that scatters across concrete jungles all over the globe. With men’s fashion currently at its highest peak ever, every facet of style is receiving a re-launch and several prominent retailers have collections that showcase designers’ creative spin on the classic. Topman, ASOS, and Burton Menswear are a few of the companies that are known for providing trending quality men’s fashion for men of all ages. With men’s polo shirts regarded as one of the most versatile pieces a man can have in his wardrobe, finding quality designs has never been easier.


Where to Get the Look

Burton Menswear offers a selection that includes the classic polo shirts in traditional colors, short and long sleeve now available on sale here.

Every man should have a grey zip collar polo shirt in their wardrobe and their edition can be worn across several seasons. Another great option is the red and white striped polo. Paired with jeans or khakis, this is a timeless look for men that can be as dressed up or down for most occasions. Ramp1885 already featured one designer that has crafted a men’s look that is winniFRANK & OAK IN PATTERNng raves. Frank & Oak, based in Montreal, offers a sleek menswear option that is simple in approach and powerful in presence. Boasting a new collection every month, the fashion forward gent has an abundance of potential new looks throughout the year.


Style Options

The versatility of men’s polo shirts mean that with the right pants, blazer, and shoes, nearly any occasion is suitable. Since every company sizes their polo shirts differently, it is essential to get the right fit for the brand you select. For a retro look, button polo shirts all the way to the top, pairing the look with fitted jeans or trousers. With these style suggestions, any man can celebrate the revival of this men’s classic.


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