Meet The Girl Next Door You Were Always Afraid To Talk To: Introducing “Happn” A New Dating App With A Twist


Happn is a location based dating app that allows you to show interest to those you cross paths with. The idea is the same as other dating apps in the sense that it connects to Facebook or Spotify to create a dating profile in which you can meet someone of the gender you are interested in, that you may have never met before. But Happn has innovated the way we use apps for dating through their product and the use of GPS. This app actually geo-locates your whereabouts and uses real time to match you with people who are of more significance to you; like your cute neighbor on the floor below you or even someone that works in the same office building whom you have always been too afraid to introduce yourself.

It works like this, every time you cross paths with another member, their profile immediately appears on your app showing their photo, name, age and profession. If you like what you see, you hit the red love heart. If they feel the same way about you, you will see that you have a “crush” and the two of you can start messaging. So, without ever having to swipe right or even look at your phone, you could find someone you are compatible with during your every day life, giving your destiny a little boost to find love.



Happn is easy to set up and can be running in less than a minute. Available on iOS and Android and free to download and use. The location of the user remains completely invisible to other users, as only the location that you actually passed each other is saved. You can block any user or report unwanted behavior at any time and Facebook connect is only used to show common friends and interests as well as prevent fake profiles. This app also assures they will never post on Facebook without your consent and they guarantee an app experience without any spamming or harassment and you can easily turn off your location at any time through your phone.

Spotify can actually connect through this app, allowing you to send full-length songs to each other or stream the songs directly on your personal dating profile. This allows you the chance to have something to discuss initially, as well as see who has the same interest in music as you. Users who are not Spotify members can send and receive 30-second clips of songs. So if you are looking for your little country girl, or rave babe- Happn will allow you to find her without all the small talk, giving you more time to find the person you are looking for.

Finding love is hard, especially when all you do is wake up, go to work, hit the gym and then head home and do it all over again. Even going to the bar or going out each night can be difficult to find someone because you are usually out with a group of people in which you are talking with and having fun, so your mind isn’t really on figuring out how to approach the hot guy across the bar. This app is revolutionary because it connects people the moment they cross paths- in the street, at work, at a party and so many other places, answering a universal desire: How can we find that handsome or beautiful stranger again that I see all the time but never dare to approach. This gives us a second chance, the chance to discover and to find that person that has caught your eye- while avoiding all missed connections. Download Happn if you are serious about finding “the one.”

Happn is available for both iPhone and Android.



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