Man Seeing Color For The First Time Will Bring You Chills (VIDEO)


Can you imagine being color blind? Not being able to see the green grass in the summer, or purple flowers, or fire works is actually quite depressing and unfortunate once you really think about it.

I never took into consideration how uplifting actually seeing color is, until I saw this video of a kid named Ethan Scott who is color blind. For his birthday a friend bought him a pair of EnChroma glasses which allows people who are colorblind to actually see these colors for distinctly. These lenses work by narrowing the light spectrum that a colorblind person sees. According to their website, “Red-green blindness is a genetic condition where the light sensing function of the red and green cones is more overlapping than normal. By filtering a narrow region of the spectrum where overlap is occurring, the EnChroma Cx restores normal separation between the red and green cones.”

Ethan has an out of body experience in these and watching him go through this for the first time is incredible. See below how liberating it is and next time you see the color purple, make sure you take it all in.


via: EZwithEthan


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