Lyons Motor Car Presents: The LM2 Streamliner


11091180_871888949517098_242942158_n Lyons Motor Car has delivered once again with their new LM2 Streamliner

With the release of the new LM2 Streamliner, Lyons Motor Car has effectively satisfied the public’s need for speed. Fans of sleek style, state of the art components, and an impressive look that speaks volumes, the LM2 Steamliner is the epitome of sophistication and class in the luxury market.

Lyons Motor Car, no stranger to building the cars of men’s dreams, has built a car that delivers on all fronts: twin-turbocharged 8.2 cylinder V8 engine that generates 1,700 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and 1,610lb-ft of torque at 4,000rpm. In laymen’s terms, that’s 0 to 60mph in less than 2.2 seconds. Proving size matters in ways that most never even consider, the coupe comes in at 182.6 inches in length, 83.5 in width and 43.5 inches in height, dimensions that are more expansive than one of its former competitors, the now defunct Bugatti Veyron. At 3,100 pounds, the LM2 Streamliner is sleek and ready to perform, thanks to a chassis produced completely from light carbon fiber via Debotech.


Hello, luxury! We’ve been waiting for you!

How Lyons Motor Car was able to enter the luxury market so boldly is a testament to their commitment to quality in a realm that few dare to venture. Since 2011, the Lyons family has incorporated the mantra of exceptional design and functionality in the production of their line of world-class super sports cars. As a premium car company that caters to the desires of their selective clientele, Lyons Motor Car’s attention to detail and exclusivity has made them a beloved addition to the luxury market, a position they respect with every new release.


drive one off the lot and make all your friends and enemies jealous!

With the LM2 Streamliner already making waves early in 2015, the future revs bright for this luxury brand that continues to set the standard and raise the bar in the world-class sports car market. Through expert manufacturing, precision functionality, and ambitious creativity. Lyons Motor Car has yet again made their presence known.

Lyons Motors LM2 Streamliner: a stylish new directive in luxury sports cars.



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