List Of The World Cup’s Highest Paid Coaches

Coaching the world’s greatest soccer stars is no easy gig. You must strategize lineups, appease the hoards of die-hard fans and manage the egos of some of the sports highest paid stars.  Someone with the courage to take on these tasks in the pursuit of soccer’s greatest trophy should be compensated accordingly.  However, not every country has the same sense of compensation.

In fact, it is the teams whose coaches hail from the countries they lead that are the least generously paid.  I say ‘least generously’ because even the lowest paid coach makes 19 times more money than the country’s average. Also, the difference between the highest paid coach and lowest paid coach is about 10 million dollars. Check out the complete list below:


1. Fabio Capello, Russia — $11,235,210

Fabio Capello finger-thumb-500x335-980 (1)Russia’s manager Fabio Capello was born in the Italian foothills of San Canzian d’Isonzo. He’s a purebred footballer, if you will.  He began his career as a player in the Italian league in the 60′s where he led an mildly impressive career.  He began coaching in the late 80′s where he won many titles and was even related to a match fixing scandal which eventually stripped him of two titles with Juventus.  He is a collector of fine art and a connoisseur of the 1st class lifestyle.  It is said that his personal art collection tops $10 million.  With the salary that the Russian national team awarded him, he’ll be able to afford many more paintings.

 2. Roy Hodgson, England — $5,874,570


Roy Hodgson speaks 5 languages and also makes over $5 million coaching his native English team. Coincidence?

3. Cesare Prandelli, Italy — $4,322,010


One of the only country natives coaching their own team, Cesare maybe does not have an illustrious past like Capello and he may not be paid as well as him either.  He did, however, play professional football for his country all while apprenticing as a carpenter.  This gave him a patience and attention to detail that his rival lacks.

 4. Luiz Felipe Scolari, Brazil — $3,973,730



This 2002 World Cup-winning manager and former defender currently manages for the Brazilian football team. He has an extensive background leading football teams to victory, as he led Grêmio to winning the Brazilian Championship, Palmeiras’ Copa do Brasil, Mercosur Cup, and Copa Libertadores title, and of course, Brazil’s fifth FIFA World Cup title. He managed Portugal in the 2006 World Cup where the team reached the semi-finals. In 1999, Scolari was named South American Coach of the Year.


 5. Ottmar Hitzfeld, Switzerland — $3,745,130

Switzerland's German head coach Ottmar H

In 2008 the German know as “The General” took over the Swiss team national team.  He acquired this nickname because besides being a world class football manager he also has a Ph.D in Mathematics which gives him a tactical advantage over his opponents of lesser minds.  He has a total of 18 major titles as a manager most won with Bayern football club.


They say those who can’t do, coach.  With money like that I’m sure they can do just about whatever they want.

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