Justin Bieber Debuts Acoustic Version Of “What Do you Mean”, Breaks Spotify Record (VIDEO)


Justin Bieber released a stripped down version of his single “What Do You Mean” after his original release scored his first No. 1 Bilboard Hot 100 and set a new spotify record by logging over 21 million streams in five days. The acoustic version is a complete makeover to this song, replacing the tropical house beats with tender acoustic guitar riffs

JB said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest last month that his goal is to make “pure” music that doesn’t rely heavily on production, which makes the option to rework his song into an acoustic version at his leisure.

“The production obviously adds something awesome, but if we just took the piano and my vocals, that would be an awesome ballad,” he told OAWRS about the authentic vocals in “Where Are Ü Now.” “So I want to continue to make songs that you strip everything out … just making sure each song you can strip it down, put instrumentals, and it’s still a bonafide hit.”


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