Not Just For the Boys: Clothes To Steal From Your Boyfriend


These days there’s a plethora of clothing for us ladies inspired by menswear. We have a selection of boyfriend jeans, tanks, tees, rad sneakers, etc. Mens inspired casual clothing tends to be more comfortable and if worn correctly, can flatter a women’s body. That said, if you have a boyfriend… why spend extra money?

Every situation is different and your discretion is advised. If your boyfriend is 30 years old but he dresses like he’s five , it is your job to buy him new clothes… and then take them.

Rule of thumb: If you make it hot, you can take his anything. If you don’t, you’re annoying.

Here is a list of clothes to steal from your boyfriend:

HIS: White t-shirt

- A baggy white t-shirt paired with some sexy panties makes for quick access and resembles a night gown. No pants are the best pants when kickin’ it around the house with your boyfriend.

EXCEPTION: Your boyfriends shirt is ridiculously big on you.
Your length of bone is vastly different- he is 6’5 and you are 5’2 or if he out weighs you by 100 pounds you should probably stick to your own clothes. It is not sexy to drown in his shirt. You think you are just being comfortable, right? But you look like a toddler in Daddy’s tee. It’s weird.

HIS: Socks

- Socks just have a way of getting around.
EXCEPTION: Fancy socks.
It’s not nice to steal your mans dress socks. He definitely picked them out thinking how great they will look with his new tie. Leave ‘em, take last months fabulous pair or the solid whites.

HIS: Boxers

- Unless it’s after sex, these will never look better on you than the girl version. Wear your own panties.
EXCEPTION: You’re alone.

If you are alone cleaning and you’re certain no one is coming over, put ‘em on. Shake around.

HIS: Toque

- Toques are genderless. What’s his is yours.

EXCEPTION: It has a large logo.
No one needs to be sporting a toque with any sort of logo or design on it. A knit pattern is about as far as you can reach with extravagance in a toque.

HIS: Graphic Tee

- Let’s face the facts. Mens graphic tees are almost always more desirable than ours.
EXCEPTION: Acronyms.

Any sort of Tap-Out brand, Beer drinking promotion, or shirt displaying a peculiar acronym. He can keep to himself. Boys will be boys. He can wear it out with his friends, just not around yours.

HIS: Scarf

- If he’s wearing a scarf, you both know it will look better on you. You’re not saying he’s wrong, you’re just saying, you do it better.

HIS: White tennis shoes.

- If he’s got ‘em, take ‘em and lose ‘em. No one needs to be walking around in a pair of white tennis shoes. Unless, they’re a 40 year old dad from the suburbs. Even then, there should be no white-tennis-shoe-wearing-gentleman allowed. NEW RULE.

EXCEPTION: He uses them for sports ONLY.
If he plays squash, he might be livid if they disappear. White sneakers for example; Chuck Taylors or rad Jordan’s are acceptable. I hope you two don’t have the same shoe size.

HIS: Sunglasses

- If they look good on you. He can share.

EXCEPTION: White plastic sport shades.

How do you get rid of his heinous sunglasses? Well, you tell him the exceptionally long story of how they broke. When he looks like he’s zoned out, throw in the nasty details then quickly recover with a dramatic comment in a higher tone. He won’t want to tell you he stopped listening. Example: “Lots.. of.. words.. for.. a.. long.. time.. …AND THEN THEY WERE SHATTERED!”

HIS: Jacket

- Unless it is a suit jacket, it’s probably to big for you. Men tend to be quite pushy when it comes to keeping their beloveds warm. So I offer you an out; “Oh god babe you’re so sweet, but I’ve got a fever. Despite my shivers I am actually really hot”. You will lose him at really hot.

EXCEPTION: You are dying of hypothermia.
If you are exceedingly cold and you could careless how you look, go for it. His muscles can keep him warm.

HIS: Razor

- It’s not clothing however, if you have stubby legs and your razor has disappeared… why not dull his a bit? Cuts on his face will only make him look tough. Maybe, he won’t be able to shave for a few days, then he will have some scruff going on. He won’t be complaining when he is waking up to a sneaky BJ.

EXCEPTION: He has a formal event that evening.

If you know your boyfriend needs to look sharp for an event and it is his last razor. Let him use it first. Your legs are not as sensitive as his handsome face.

HIS: Wallet

- You know he likes it when your nails are done.

EXCEPTION: You are the bread winner, or he is a new-age-type-of-guy.



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