I Am Humphrey’s Introduces Their “Beau Of The Month”


Beau of the Month-April

Hailing from a city that we are able to not only call their home, but also their inspiration, Humphrey’s represents more than just men’s fashion, it represents the beliefs of men who care more than just how they look, but how they act. Handpicked from only the finest of fabrics that the world has to offer, their personalized approach offers each of their clients the ability to feel like more than just a consumer, but part of the renaissance of the modern day gentleman.

Further incentivizing potential clients to buy into a life of class and style; Humphrey’s will release a “Beau of the Month”. Each unique to that particular month, and never replicated, these limited edition bowties are just that; limitedSaid bowtiesinspired by individuals they deem as such, will have only a single batch produced, making them a collector item in their own right.

Much like the clients that Humphrey’s caters to, our bowties are unique yet connected to some extent. Whether it be by principles or style, the men they accessorize, like their products, stand for one thing; a proclamation of how Humphrey has lived his life, and how all man should strive to live theirs.


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