Guys, Is She Hitting On You?

I’m going to share a little something that I have learned on my many escapades and endeavours.  What would be the point of having experiences if not to share the wisdom that has been bestowed.  We owe it to ourselves, to look back and to learn from experience rather than dwell on what might have happened.

So why is this important?  It is crucial because it will help you to understand all the opportunities you’ve missed.  You can probably just quickly cruise over the times you saw a cute girl across the bar and didn’t go talk to her, but those aren’t the opportunities I’m talking about.  I’m talking about when a girl makes the first move and you don’t realize that she is in fact trying to hit on you.

It’s a new world out there, gentlemen, women are just as interested in picking up at the bar as you are.  They order power drinks, dress kinda slutty and make power moves.  It can be a thing of beauty, but if you don’t catch it then your missing out on quite a good time.

Here are a few simple ways to tell if she’s hitting on you:


1. She approached you first.

This is pretty obvious, but the amount of buddies I’ve seen just chat and let the girl walk away is unfathomable.  If she made the effort to come to you and put herself out there then shes obviously interested.  Make her feel special, try something like “that must’ve been a nerve racking walk, let me buy you a shot”.

2. She initiates contact.

Maybe you told a funny joke, maybe you just look goddamn handsome, but if she touches you first at any point in the conversation ,then you know your on your way.  She wants to feel your energy, your strength so do the right thing and moisturize; ladies love soft skin.

3.  Eye contact.

Theres something about the glimmer in a girls eye when you make her laugh that is truly mesmerizing.  Compliment her only once.  If she is deeply looking into your eyes thats a good thing.  It means she’s trying to figure out what type of person you are, and wether or not she’ll sleep with you.

4. She starts talking about her wild friend.

If a girl brings up her wild friend who is “like a lot of fun” then you may as well clear off the bar and get down to business.  Girls have an innate desire to want what other girls have, the grass is always greener.  If she brings up stories about how her friend did something crazy or slutty than chances are she wants to create a memory as well.  Be sure to capitalize on this.

5. She perpetuates the conversation.

Chances are if she came up to hit on you, then she will feel like she needs to carry the conversation.  A classic pitfall here, gentlemen, is to see this so you start to say less, you become less interesting.  Yes, she wants to talk to you and she’ll do what she can to keep the conversation going, but you have to give her something to build on.  If you say something stupid or irrelevant and she just carries on business as usual than thats a great sign, and you’re probably more handsome than you are smart.

There are many more ways of telling if a girl is hitting on you.  Body language, what she talks about, how drunk she is.  Whatever it may be, I’ve always found the direct route to be the most prolific, catch her off guard and simply ask “Are you hitting on me?”.

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