Great News For Shoeaholics: Infograph On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Shoes


For many, shoes aren’t just functional items; they represent a fashion statement too. Some people choose to pay for more expensive shoes for different reasons, one being for comfort and another for the status of having an expensive brand. There are ways to ensure the longevity of your shoes by looking after them well. This means preparing them for unforeseen weather circumstances like rain which can pose havoc for your shoes.

For example with suede shoes, you can preserve them by spraying them with a protective spray which acts as a shield or barrier from the rain. There are also ways to get dirt off of suede shoes without damaging the exterior. Trainers are really functional for people and due to the fact the people’s feet sweat a lot, it is really important to keep them fresh or they will become breeding grounds for bacteria!

It’s important also to know when certain shoes can complement certain styles…for example on women who have large feet, it is probably a better look to wear round toed shoes rather than pointy toed shoes as this may accentuate the problem – if you see it as a problem, that is!

This infographic from The Shoe Horn is a really helpful guide on getting the most from your shoes. It gives tips on how best to clean leather or suede shoes and shows how to make your trainers shine again. It also gives a style guide on what shoes suit best in certain situations…check it out!





featured image via shoerazzi

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