Gentlemen, This Is The Prime Of Your Career When It Comes To Getting Laid


Everyone knows that athletes have a fairly short career window when it comes to being at the top of their game. This short window is what we like to call the “prime” of their career. However, athletes aren’t the only ones who have a short window to be at the top of their game. For non-athletes, the game is different. Our game is hunting, and our game is hunting women. And for us, it’s not our “prime”; we can just simply call it, “The Sweet Spot”.

Just as an athlete’s skills fade in their game, our skills fade when it comes to getting laid. Why? We get older, we might lose our hair, our metabolism may slow down and make us just a bit heavier. Our tools will ultimately fade; and although we can adapt and still get some ass, we’re not getting prime time ass with no hair and a beer gut. Unless you’re a millionaire, but for the sake of this article; they don’t count. For those reasons, we need to recognize the sweet spot, and capitalize on it while it’s here.

So, at exactly what age is this mythical land where you should be swimming in women’s panties? Well, it starts at age 25 and ends at about age 32. If you have good genetics you can extend it to about 34, but let’s face the facts here; we’re all not that lucky. But what is the reason that this is the prime of a man’s career when it comes to getting laid? You should stop asking questions and let me tell you the reasons. Here we go.

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Between the ages of 25 to 28 you are that guy who has a steady income and is somewhat on his feet. At least you should be. If you’re not, you probably shouldn’t be reading this because you have bigger problems than what I can help you with. Moving on, since you happen to be the guy with that steady income who doesn’t still live with his parents; you are incredibly desirable to women who are just out of college and even a little older. Why? Because you make a little bit of money while they make basically nothing. And you have your own place they can come back to. They see you as that older awesome guy who has a job and his own apartment. Mainly because the men their age don’t have money or a place to live. This is fishing with dynamite for you. Your success rate should be staggeringly high.


Next, we get to the ripe ages of 29 to 32. This is even better for you. This is the equivalent of a hanging curveball to Barry Bonds. The younger women still want you because you’re established at your job and you have your shit together. However, the women your age and older are freaking out because they all thought they would be married by now. This is literally the easiest the game is ever going to get for you. At this point, women aren’t even beating around the bush. They’re just coming at you bluntly letting you know they want to go home with you. And who are you to deny them of the D? Exactly, you’re a nobody. You’re doing a service to your community by sleeping with these women.


In conclusion, you can clearly see that if you are between the ages of 25 and 32 you are in the prime of your career when it comes to getting laid. If you’re single, this is great. If you’re not, I can’t help you. I’m just hear to shed some light on what it’s like to be a hunter in his prime. I have done all the coaching I can for you, gentlemen. My job here is done, the rest is up to you.


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