Gangster Legend Al Capone’s House For Sale At Only $225,000


This 2-flat red brick house looks a little rugged and rickety, but it’s home to America’s iconic gangster Al Capone.

The Capone family moved into this Chicago household in August 1923.
RE/MAX Signature Homes’ rather enthusiastic and evidently unedited description of the house on their site reads:

“This was AL CAPONE’s Chicago Home WOW there are 3 bedrooms on each floor 1st floor was rehabbed in 2008 with new kitchen there is even a jacuzzi tub in bath 2nd. floor has hardwood floors both unites have enclosed back porch 2 car garage newer windows full basement with lots of different rooms…”

The site also boasts a “HUGE DOUBLE LOT”, but of course, we’re all only interested in bathing in the same jacuzzi where the mob boss relaxed there naked in a money bath. Not sure if it makes the house seem more appealing knowing that your relationship with the late Capone is more intimate than ever by sleeping in his bed, using his bathroom, cooking on his stove, and breathing the same air he breathed, but if that is a dream of yours, this house is cheap and available for you to own a house from the Prohibition. Maybe Capone’s ghost will drop in this Halloween…so be good.

The house back in the day: 

via zillow

The house today:

via staticflickr

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