Why Your Career is More Important Than a Woman


Let me paint a picture for you. You’re at a family party. You’re walking around, talking to your family members that you normally tune out after the initial, “Hello, how are you?”. There’s your miserable uncle, a cousin you don’t really like and then an old man with selective hearing. What do the uncle, cousin and old man with selective hearing all have in common? They all start their stories with, “I could have been (fill in the blank), but my wife didn’t want me to.”

Now, although we know that their story is most likely bullshit; the common denominator is their wife not wanting them to do whatever it is they actually wanted to do. Your uncle wouldn’t have been a baseball player, your cousin wouldn’t have been an actor and old man with selective hearing probably didn’t get that movie script stolen from him. However, they all have wives that they resent.

Here’s why:

The times that we live in are nothing like they were, even twenty years ago. People can’t get jobs out of high school anymore. They need to go to college, take out loans and then try and become something while paying back their massive debt. The generation before us didn’t have college debt. Maybe some did, but not nearly as much as now. Most of the generation before us worked right out of high school, married the first girl they got laid by and now they hate their life. Why? Because there is nothing that defines them. They are defined by being a married guy with a middle class job. If that’s what you want, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, shouldn’t you want more?


Every man gets to a point in his life where he needs to worry about himself- and only himself. It is the point where you realize, “I need to start making money or I’m going to be stuck in the middle forever.” Do you want to be stuck in the middle forever? Or, do you want to build an empire?


The number one thing that makes smart men stupid, is women. I love women. But women can derail you. When you are dating a woman, you’re paying double for everything. Unless you’re a complete asshole, of course. There are holidays, birthdays, family parties and even favors you’re doing that you don’t really want to do. The time and money a man spends on a woman can derail him if he doesn’t have his shit already in order. You should think of yourself as a business. Time is money. And if the time you’re spending isn’t making you money, especially when you’re $100,000 deep in college loans; you need to re-think everything that is going on.

The most important person you should be taking care of from the time you’re 22 until the time you’re in your early thirties is you. If you don’t take care of yourself first, no one is going to be there to take care of you later. If you don’t make money and build a life, no one is going to build it for you. Waking up broke at 35 years old, with a miserable wife can happen in an instant. You’ll look in the mirror, hate yourself, and wonder where it all went wrong.

Smart men stay single until their career is well established. They build something that is their own. Something that no one can take away from them. Then; when they’re sitting on stacks of hundred dollar bills, they don’t need to chase women. Because the women will be chasing them. Build a life, build a career, build your empire. When that is all said and done, then you can go search for a woman. When you already have a life built, all she needs to do is hop on board. Career first, woman second. That is the recipe for success. Do with it what you please.

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