What You Can Learn From Transfer Day Deadline


Transfer deadline day for many soccer clubs in Europe ends on Monday 2nd of February. For soccer fans, transfer deadline day triggers a lot of excitement as you are concerned about which soccer player is either coming to your favorite club or leaving. Many soccer fans are glued to Twitter, Sky Sports, Goal.com and other sites offering transfer news. On transfer deadline days, there is an increased interest on the business angle of football. Comparatively such excitement is similar to that of shoppers when getting a last minute bargain.

What can you learn from buying and selling of football players on transfer deadline day? How can you apply such knowledge or information to recruiting and ‘letting go’ of your staff when propelling your business forward? Is panic hiring or firing a good commercial strategy or is it a reflection of poor planning?


Waiting until the last minute.

When making a hire should you go through all the details before you make a decision. In soccer some soccer clubs wait until the last minute to recruit a star player for their team. But why wait until the last minute, having the right hire needs appropriate execution of a great strategy, this could mean negotiating and ensuring every detail is accurate before you make your hire. What should be the main objective is getting the right individual. You don’t need to get caught up in the frenzy or hysteria surrounding this rather it is advisable to be meticulous about the hiring process.

Recruiting a hire out of panic means you are prepared to lose them as there is a risk that the paperwork and meeting certain demands or requirements could stand in the way. It is better to strategically go through the process of hiring.


Offloading the dross.

In a soccer team you have a lot of players on high wages that are under-performing, but you can’t just let them go without finding a worthy replacement who will better the productivity of your team. When it comes to hiring, recruiting a new hire means you need to off-load and get the full benefits of the money you are spending on staffing. Bringing a new hire means getting rid of under-performing employees. Although in soccer, the numbers are much higher the same picture is painted as getting a new hire could mean getting rid of workers who are not high-performers.


Anticipating and filling the gaps.

Your team needs some back-up players that will fill the gaps when a star player suddenly gets injured or faces a match ban, that is why teams go into the transfer market before transfer deadline and look for players that could fill in the gaps. It is always advisable to wait for a transfer deadline and wait for an option of getting a player on loan, and test him out before making a full purchase.

Bonus: When it comes to recruiting, going ‘all heads in’ may not be the best alternative. It is better to study competition or observe your internship program to get the right replacement at the best bargain. Also having an employee on a probation term is also good for your recruitment process.

When it comes to recruiting, it is important you understand the business rather than the emotions or sentiments attached to it. Whatever actions you take will define your business or company in the long term.



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