What We Can Learn From Cristiano Ronaldo Winning The Fifa Ballon D’Or

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“We don’t want to tell our dreams, we want to show them.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

Whether you call it football or soccer, the highlight of this week in the world of sports has been the Fifa Ballon d’Or which sees that the best soccer player in the world is awarded. This year the prize went to Cristiano Ronaldo, a striker who plays for Real Madrid.  Here are four points we can learn from his rise to a third Ballon d’Or title.

De-clutter your life

A lot of distractions exist in our lives and for a public personality like Cristiano, you’d expect such to go overboard sometimes. However he has managed to de-clutter his public life and focus on what he enjoys doing – playing soccer. Sometimes we need to focus strictly on what we love and terminate the diversions that exist in our lives.

Your competition is within, not without

For four straight years, Cristiano Ronaldo lost the Ballon d’Or title to his chief opponent, Barcelona player Lionel Messi. However this did not deter Ronaldo from focusing on becoming better and improving his ability. Persistence and hard-work eventually paid off as Cristiano has now won the title twice in quick succession. Regardless of competition, how faithfully are you doing what you love?

Individual brilliance

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Many sports require team effort, yet sometimes it requires ingenious from a particular player. Ronaldo’s individual contribution to his team, Real Madrid, cannot be argued. He has managed to score over fifty goals per season. To achieve and better our team, we should endeavor to become exceptional at what we do.

Passion and perseverance does it

Cristiano brings his passion and endurance to every game he plays. It is not about his past, it is not about what people say behind his back, nor is it about the consistent pressure the game wants from him. It is about what he loves doing and staying faithful to it. Think about that and stay focused on you love doing now!


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