The Bucket List For Two: 10 Things Each Couple Should Do


Relationships are easy to turn bland and get boring. Sometimes it’s hard to keep things interesting but to make something work, we need to keep things spicy. Dinner and a movie can only go so far so here are 10 ideas for your relationship bucket list to keep your relationship exciting. Have any more ideas? Comment below!

1. Backpack through Europe or go on a cross country road trip.

There is nothing like bonding when your stuck together in the car for long periods of time or backpacking with just the two of you for several weeks. Appreciate and learn about different cultures while helping each other through and experience it together. Even just making it appoint to travel to different places that you each write down is something each couple needs to experience.


2. Take a dance class.

Take a dance class together and show off your moves at the next wedding or party you go too. Dance classes are fun and there is nothing wrong with learning how to shake it.


3. Go to a concert.

Music brings people together. Go to as many concerts as you can, jam out and then sit back and relax and take it all in.


4. Get a couple’s massage.

This will be a perfect time to wind down together and get a little sexy. Massage parlors are awesome because they are relaxing and takes you to another place without actually going anywhere. This is a great idea to do with your significant other.


5. Join a walk/run or marathon.

Joining something for a cause will make you feel good mentally and physically. There is normally beer at the end and this will help you guys learn how to work together and talk each other through something. You can also be swoll mates leading up to it.


6. Try something new once a month in the bedroom.

Go out to a bar, act like you just met and take it home and act like it’s a one night stand, make sure to have sex in every room of your house or just do something different at least once a month. Keeping it spicy in the bedroom is something that needs to happen if you want your relationship to last a long time.


7. Start a tradition.

Whether it be going camping each summer or doing something for one of your birthdays, starting a tradition will give you something to look forward to as well as do something different. Make sure it’s a tradition you both want to do or it won’t work.


8. Learn how to play an instrument together.

Playing an instrument is bad ass and learning how to play together will just be f*cking hot. Learn how to play the guitar or drums or both and see what you guys can come up with. It will be fun to play for each other or for others and you will be proud that you did it.


9. Have skype sex.

This is a fun way while you are apart to keep things interesting and make them want you. Having skype sex with someone you love is so much fun and you will each be waiting to get back into each others arms to feel the real thing.


10. Call in sick together.

Call in sick to work, buy as much junk food as you can and stay in your pajamas all day. Watch a good movie and just laugh your asses off. Make a fort out of blankets or play a bunch of silly games together. It will be a day you won’t forget.



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