Break Through Your Plateau With Chomp Juice


Who says eating healthy has to be hard? Chomp Eatery & Juice Station, located in the heart of Santa Monica, California, is making it look easy. Their motto is, “If you love your body, your body will thank you without end”.

Everything at Chomp is organic right down to the beverages. The eggs are free-range and the bagels are vegan, gluten- and dairy-free. The meat is also 100% grass-fed angus beef.

The coolest thing about this joint is that they offer a juice menu and cleanse! If you’re in the mood to start fresh or looking to break through a fitness plateau, Chomp cleanses will do the trick.



I’ve had the opportunity to try their three-day cleanse and was amazed at the flavors their juices came in. A 72 hour cleanse consists of six different juices a day. I was able to recover from my training sessions by drinking their, “Almond Mylk,” which consists of raw almonds, raw honey, water and Himalayan sea salt.

A few local favorites include the Balance, Clarity and Red Velvet Almond Mylk blends that attract customers such as Jonathan Coyle and Eva Marie from Total Divas; even Christina Milian is a fan.



Chomp’s juices are only available to be shipped to California, Nevada and Arizona but if you happen to be in the area or live local then take a trip to the store and try their newest creation called, “Fluff Juice” which is a cross between pressed juice and ice cream. This awesome creation is not only healthy but puts a creative spin on a classic summertime treat.

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