Banking Firm Pays For College Tuition Of Employees Children Who Lost Their Lives On 9/11


There was an investment banking firm called Sandler O’Neill + Partners, LP that had offices located on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center’s South Tower and on September 11, 2001- all of their lives, as well as the rest of the worlds lives were changed. Among the employees of this firm, on that tragic day, 66 people lost their lives.

After the attack, the surviving members of this firm decided to give back to their community and those who were affected by this tragic incident by setting up a college fund for the 76 children of the parents who worked in the firm and died during the attacks and call this the Sandler O’Neill Assistance Foundation.

Since being formed, this foundation paid for the educations of 54 students to attend community and tech schools as well as colleges such as Stanford University, University of Notre Dame and Boston College, which is the college where former Sandler O’Neill employee Welles Crowther, who saved 12 other people from the buildings before perishing himself, attended.

According to Oregon Live:

“We were up and running by the end of the first week. We wanted the families of the lost to know that we would always remember, that the passing years would never sweep this under the rug. People donated many millions of dollars to set up the foundation. We have no salaries and no expenses except fees to stay extant.” Said Andy Armstrong, who did not work for Sandler O’ Neill but was friendly with the firms surviving partner, Jimmy Dunne, and helped set up this foundation.

There are 22 other students still eligible to receive grants, with kids as old as 13 years old now, who was born just 6 weeks after the attacks.

This is just another story of our world coming together and making it a better place. You can read more about this story, here.



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