9 Reasons You Are Not Yet Successful


We all have different definitions for success. Yet, success is not illusory, it can be attained! I have sat down with successful men and women and they all have the same underlying principles. It really is not about the background, gender or age, if you want to be successful in whatever sphere of life you desire- you can be.

It is difficult to comprehend what I am talking about if you are still struggling and have not set out on the journey to become successful. But if you are still puzzled as to why you are not yet successful, even when you have tried everything you can imagine, read these nine reasons and discover the basis of your failures.


You do not have a plan.

Look back at your three previous years, were you working towards becoming successful? Until I started creating and making plans I never started towards becoming successful.


You are in a wrong set of relationships.

According to author Jim Rohn you are an average of your five closest friends. If you are not yet successful it means you are hanging around those who are not gearing you towards success.


You really don’t desire success that much.

Success isn’t mere wishful thinking, you must desire success so much that you don’t just want it, but you will give everything and anything to obtain it!


You lack the ideas that will make you successful.

Success requires a lot of mental activity; it is not just about physical activity but putting your brain to work and churning out innovative and fresh ideas that will lead you to success.


You are afraid to take risks.

Success is at the far side of failure. For many, it is easier to sit and settle in their comfort zones rather than push for success. You shouldn’t be one of those; you must be willing to take certain risks!


You are not willing to work hard.

Success requires lots of hard work. You can’t just hope and wait for opportunities, you have to go out there an create them.


You don’t learn from mistakes.

Mistakes happen on the road to becoming successful but you do not have to dwell on them. Mistakes should trach you to succeed without having you become a victim to your past. Learn from your mistakes and move on.


You have the wrong attitude.

Success requires the right attitude which stems from character and possesses worthy values. The journey of success is meant to test and challenge you, only few identify that you need the right attitude to go all the way.


You do not dedicate yourself to learning.

Success requires you commit yourself to learning. It goes beyond the four walled borders of any institution, but rather learning both the conventional and unconventional way.


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