8 Winter Trends Every Woman Can Follow


The trends we see on runways are not always practical enough for women to follow in their everyday dressing. Even the street styles are not catered to suit the taste of common women, who are fashion forward but can’t dress up like models. Talking about sensible, wearable fashion trends from runways and/or street style of fashion weeks, we’ve picked up some trends you can actually wear. You can also pick up some trends and utilize them into your everyday style. We understand how designers sometimes neglect the general public in their creations, but what they do is give us an inspiration to keep up with their theme.

Pattern in fashion.
pattern fashion

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Fashion runways for winter/fall were all filled with the bold and print boom. We know the dresses shown there were not as adoptable so we suggest you just look out for the cuts, patterns and colors and put them to good use by mixing them in your dresses. You can easily pull off a bold, print look if the dress is your style, without looking too overdressed or a fashion disaster. To keep up with the trend, you can cinch your dress at the waist with a basic leather belt (as seen on runways). However, layer the dress according to the weather.

Printed Pants.

print trouser
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We all may have fall in love with the printed pants we have seen walking down the runways but sometimes, these prints hard to find something to pair with. A better way to pair your printed pants is to pair them with your plain tops or sweat shirts and throw in a little necklace or piece of jewelry that matches the color of the pants. You cannot go wrong.

Warm in Pink.

warm in pink
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We loved the soft powder color trends seen on runway of fall/winter. Though the season is generally based on warm and dark colors, this year there were a lot of designers that were in no mood to bid farewell to the pastel shades like carnation, nudes and lavender. Taking them to a whole new wintery level, by mixing them in coats and sweaters.

Play with Plaids.
play with plaids

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Plaids were all over the runway this year; jackets, coats, and even entire dresses. However, we suggest wear plaids but don’t wear them all over. You can’t wrap yourself in the same print from head to toe, especially a print like plaid that is big and bold. Keeping this trend to your everyday dressing we suggest wearing for example- plaid button down tops; which can be worn on their own or as a layering piece.

Shearling, leather and fur.

shearling leather
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The classic coats with a bit of shearling, fur or leather detailing around their collars were revived on the runways. Though the coats and sweaters were mostly made to fit giants (pun totally intended) we still loved the throwback look of these coats. The coats or any other layering however oversized should still look like yours and not borrowed from someone twice or three times your size.

Scarf it up.

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Things seen on runways which were presumed to be scarves looked more like tents or blanket. We understand how the term clearly stated that those were actually blanket scarves, but ask yourself can you normally wear a scarf this big? The scarves with big prints can be worn in normal, wearable sizes or in the form of ponchos that appear like the blanket scarf seen on runways, plus it won’t make you look so bulky.

Big jewelry.

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Like everything the jewelry was big, chunky and statement setting. Especially the statement necklaces that were big and bold. You can get all your art decor or other statement neck accessories out to wear in fall. But, unlike runway we suggest you keep the prints and necklines in your mind before you choose a statement piece to wear so they are not overlapping.

Geometric Jewelry.

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Geometric jewelry has been big for awhile now and they really touched base on this style this year. In normal everyday use, you can get chains, earrings, rings in geometric patterns and rock the trend in your own stylish way.

It is not always easy to pull off all trends seen in fashion shows. They are either too much or too little but you can always take your own style and use some inspiration from the shows for your everyday looks, while staying trendy and chic.


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