8 Ways To Enjoy NUTELLA!

NUTELLA, NUTELLA, NUTELLA! When we hear the word “Nutella” we all get excited and hungry! We crave that sh*t. Nutella is so popular, it’s sold across 75 countries every year! On average, a jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds…. Now that sh*t cray!

To all my Nutella lovers, here are the best ways to enjoy your Nutella:


8. Bagel with Nutella


There is nothing better than a nice hot bagel with nutella!


7. Strawberries with Nutella


You won’t feel that guilty… atleast you’re getting your daily fruit serving!


6. Nutella Pizza


Yeah, I’ll take an EXTRA large piece, please!


5. Nutella Croissant

nutella croissant

Open your nice warm croissant and add A LOT of nutella… you will not be disappointed.


4. Nutella Waffle Sandwich


Yup, I want one!


3. Nutella Doughnut


Once you have one, you just can’t stop!


2 .Nutella Crepe


Fresh crepe with nutella melting inside… wow!


1. Nutella with a spoon.


Dip into every bite.

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