8 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Make The Best Lovers


Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. You harness your emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving. You know how to cheer yourself and others up and you never let things get the best of you. You don’t dwell in the past, nor do you worry too much about the future because you are living in the present and that is all you have to live by. You may forgive easily, but you will never forget and you will never allow anyone to limit your joy.

When someone who is emotionally intelligent falls in love, they love deeper and harder and they have a uniqueness to them that not many can handle. But if you can handle this love, you know that you will be invested in this love for life. Here are 8 ways emotionally intelligent people love differently, that make them a unique and passionate lover.


8. They see vulnerability as a beautiful thing and do not dwell on negativity.

Emotionally intelligent people use their negatives and change them into positives. Which means they will never look down at things that have happened to you in your past, present or future. They believe that everything that has happened in your life has made you the person that they fell in love with, and they will be there for you to open up too. But once this conversation is over and done with, they will help you move on and never go back to that point in your life again.


7. They will challenge you.

These people want to know your limits and your capabilities because it shows them how compatible you are with them. It doesn’t matter if this is your beliefs, ideologies, challenging you in the bedroom or to see how fast you can run a mile. You will be challenged over the smallest things but these people always have a reason behind it that will enlighten you to see the bigger picture of what could be. Not to mention it keeps things interesting and lively.


6. They love confrontation because they love to listen.

Listening is probably an emotionally intelligent person’s favorite past time. Listening allows you to learn and grow, even if it’s in an argument. There is nothing better than putting everything out on the table to them because they know that bottling up your emotions will only lead to frustration and resentment and when you discuss problems, you figure out a solution. That is all an emotional intelligent person wants, is a solution.


5. They will show you the better side of life, whatever that may be.

Emotionally intelligent people know that having money isn’t everything but what’s important is how you live your life. They know that just sitting around waiting for things to happen will only hold you back so they go out and take what is theirs. They love to explore and read. They love to eat and dance. They look at the stars differently and actually smell the rain. They will show you that life is good and surrounding yourself with positive people will make all the difference. They will open up your eyes to a whole new world because they appreciate the finer things in life.


4. They will help you be confident.

Being an emotionally intelligent person is a hard task. These people make sure that they are doing everything they can to attract the people they want in their life, including taking care of their health and happiness. They are not afraid to do all they can to look their best because they know that looking your best leads to feeling your best. They never talk down to people and this allows them to be confident because people actually respect them. They will show you that confidence is all about how you present yourself and how you react to different situations. They will show you how to be aware of your flaws and how to overcome these flaws. They will make you feel beautiful and courageous.


3. They get along with everyone because they are not easy to offend.

These people can get along with anyone of any race, background or status because they are self confident, easy going and open minded. They have a firm grasp of who they are so they don’t get caught up in what other people do, say or think. This will be good for you because you can take them anywhere and they will not only be able to hold a conversation, but they won’t make you feel weird about having a distant cousin whose been to jail 15 times for the same thing. They will only appreciate your roots and be thankful for showing them that part of your world.


2. They will give and give and expect nothing in return.

When an emotionally intelligent person likes someone, no matter if it’s a friendship or relationship- they like to do nice things for others because relationships mean everything to them, especially if they are in love. If you mention that you like a pair of pants or want to go to the movies, they will surprise you with these things because it makes you happy, and that makes them happy.


1. They will be very careful with their feelings and yours.

Dating an emotionally intelligent person may take some time, but that’s a good thing. They will never waste your time or theirs because they know that time is a valuable thing and so is the heart. These people will get to know you inside and out before they make any drastic decisions but once they do figure it out, they will do everything they can to never hurt you.


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