8 Tips To Save Yourself From Embarrassing Fashion Emergencies


There’s no way of knowing when an unexpected fashion emergency will arise while you’re at work, with friends, and worst of all, at a party. Fashion faux pas happen to everyone. The key is having the tools to fix whatever mishap needs fixing. Fortunately, that’s quite easy thanks to these tips and tricks. Always be prepared! 

Fashion Emergency #1: Loose Buttons

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Buttons pop off at the worst times. Take the paper coating off of a twist die, thread it through your button-hole and hold your button in place. This fashion emergency tip works well on knits but can damage other fabrics.

Fashion Emergency #2: Shoe Scuffs

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Whenever your leather shoes get scuffed, take out the toothpaste or some petroleum jelly. Simply rub it into the leather and watch your shoes shine like new again. For suede shoes, simply brush an eraser in one direction. Baking soda works on canvas shoes.

Fashion Emergency #3: A Lost Earring Backing

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Earring backings are like buttons in that both are easy to lose. For an earring fashion emergency, simply snip the eraser off a pencil and use it.

Fashion Emergency #4: A Hem Has Come Undone


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Sometimes hems come undone. When that happens, take out some spare tape (e.g. masking, duct) and use it to hold the hem in place temporarily. You could also carry double-sided fabric tape in your purse for this, as well as for blouse gaps.

Fashion Emergency #5: A Stuck Or Broken Zipper


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Rum a bar of soap over a stuck or broken zipper to fix it. A strip of adhesive Velcro is another great thing to carry in your purse so that you’ll be able to close the zipper temporarily.

Fashion Emergency #6: Something Stuck In Your Teeth


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For those times when you don’t have any dental floss and yet there’s something stuck in your teeth, grab a Post-It note and use its edges. Of course, be careful not to get a paper cut from its edges.

Fashion Emergency #7: Unexpected Stains


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You never know when an unexpected stain will happen. That’s why you should always have some baby wipes on hand. Of course, a damp paper towel with a small amount of hand soap will also work.

Fashion Emergency #8: Static Cling


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Most women have hairspray in their purse but did you know that it’s not only good for when your hair is uncooperative, but also for those days when static cling is driving you crazy. To take care of this fashion emergency simply spray a small bit inside your skirt, as well as on your tights.


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