8 Of The Best Moments From The Grammy Awards 2015 (VIDEO)


2015 Grammy’s were taken over by Sam Smith an Beck while Taylor Swift was left behind. There were so many ups and downs to this year’s award show and to be honest, there were many times that it was completely boring (Ushers performance anyone?)

But there was a lot of good moments that made this year one to remember. Here are some of the best moments from the Grammys this year.


Acceptance Speeches

- Pharrell for best solo performance award

- Sam Smith won 4 awards (Best Pop Vocal Album, Record of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Song of the Year)  and the speeches were beautiful.


Hozier and Annie Lennox Mashup “Take Me To Church / I Put A Spell on You”


This was an awesome performance and Annie Lennox is wild. We love the Grammys because they bring people back that you would never think to have as a performer, and Annie is definitely one of those people. Watch it here.


Pharrel be like…


Obama Domestic Violence Speech

This speech was powerful and the message was clear. Katy Perry then performed a lovely “By The Grace Of God” and was joined by a domestic violence victim named Brooke Axtell. This was heartbreaking and beautiful to watch.


Sia singing Chandelier while Kristen Wiig and Maddie Ziegler from dance moms, dance.

Both ladies gave an amazing performance. Sia literally faced the wall the whole time. Bizarre but entertaining. Maddie and Kristen were on par.


Mary J. Blige and Sam Smith perform “Stay With Me”

Taylor Swift gave an incredible introduction even though she lost to the man numerous times, and 9 time Grammy winner Mary J. Blige proves why she was picked to sing with the Pop Artists of the year.


Beyonce, John Legend and Common performance

Bey is everything a woman should be and more. She is graceful, beautiful and elegant. Singing “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” followed by John Legend and Common performing “Glory“. This was an act you should not have missed.


Ariana Grande takes home best performance of the night.

[HD] Ariana Grande – Just A Little Bit Of Your… by musicandother2014
I am not usually a fan of Ariana, but she might have changed my opinion of her last night. Not only did she look sexy, grown up and absolutely stunning in her Versace dress with all of her hair pulled back, her performance was one for the books. She was an absolute beauty while singing “Just A .Little Bit Of Your Heart”.

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