7 Most Underrated And Improved Cities To Visit In 2015


Traveling is a way to experience new things as well as improve your knowledge. You get to experience a new culture and nightlife and see new destinations that you have only seen on a picture. People travel for all different reasons; to find themselves or get lost, they travel with friends or alone. No matter how you travel, you will always have your own unique experience to tell. Traveling is good for the mind, body and soul.

There are so many places to travel in the world. With over 150 countries alone, there is no way one person can know about all of the places to explore. So, if you want to get out there and explore this year, here are 7 cities that are underrated and up and coming.


7. New Orleans, Louisiana.


In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit this city hard. This year, August 23, 2015, will mark the 10 year anniversary of this horrific hurricane that destroyed this incredible city. New Orleans wants to show how far they have come, both as a city and a community through a rebirth of New Orleans. There will be countless shows, concerts and art exhibitions. Visitors will feel at home through the power of love.


6. Milan, Italy.


20 million visitors are expected to visit this city from May until October for the Expo. The Expo is an event that runs from May until October involving over 130 participating nations and it is focused on food, nutrition and sustainability practices. Numerous historical attractions have been revamped and restored giving Milan a new edge from what we have known from the past.


5. St. Kitts, West Indies.


This small island is known for its incredible music festivals. Artists ranging from Nas to Michael Bolton have performed there and this year the diversity will be even more incredible. Two landmark hotel developments, including a mega-yacht marina and the home to the Caribbean’s first Park-Hyatt, St. Kitts has been transformed from an unpretentious paradise into the hottest vacation spot.


4. Adelaide, South Australia.


Known as the capital of South Australia, if you have ever been here you know it has phenomenal wines and even better beaches. But there has been a more recent art scene that is getting a lot of attention this year. Incredible festivals such as WOMADelaide, Adelaide Festival, SALA and the Adelaide Film Festival, there is always something going on. Incredible food, countless bars and numerous exhibitions- this place is definitely something you want to check out.


3. Caceres, Spain.


If you like food- this is the place to be. This once walled city is a historic location where you can learn and experience so much from the past. There is a mixture of Gothic, Moorish, Roman and Renaissance architecture, the beauty is undeniable. This year- besides the beauty, the food and art is gaining exposure from all over. You can find stunning dishes collaborated with local artists and endless wine, if you are in Europe- you need to stop here.


2. Havana, Cuba.


Clear waters, silky sands- Cuba is no longer a “Forbidden Island” and you should get there this year before it becomes “Americanized.” The history you will learn and the beaches you will see will be breathtaking. Cuba was never really a go-to travel option for Americans, although Canadians have been going for quite some time, this year it is welcoming all.


1. Montreal, Canada.


Montreal is arguably the most underrated city in the world. With nightlife, beautiful women, incredible restaurants and being home to the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, MTL is the place to be especially this year. It doesn’t even matter when you go because there are things to do in the winter and summer. In the cold of winter, locals participate in sporting activities such as skiing, skating and tobogganing. Igloofest is also very popular, which is an outdoor concert that is known for outstanding DJs and even more incredible drinks. The summer hosts things like Montreal Grand Prix, Osheaga, Warped Tour, Just for Laughs and the Jazz Festival. No matter what it’s like outside, clubs are always busy and bars are always packed. Montreal is the go-to place this year.




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