7 Things No Woman Should Ever Wait For A Man To Do


We as women have fought for rights for hundreds of years and as women, we demand that our men treat us with civility and respect. Fair enough, but we as women also have neurotic tendencies to expect our man to do something at a specific time that will exceed our expectations for them. We forget that they actually can be just as incapable as we can at predicting our needs, and understanding that we are their priorities. Yes, it’s childish and rude that guys won’t take the time to think about the woman he’s seeing, or at least make an effort to show that he’s thinking about her. That not only f*cks with the woman’s thinking, but it hurts. It genuinely hurts.

So, in an effort to ward off further outbursts of fury, here are 7 simple things every woman should remember to never wait for a man to do, which will in turn better handle the emotional dread and agony of men simply not complying with our simple needs. Time to blast some Lana Del Rey.

1. Call/text first.

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It wasn’t a struggle to get his number, so why is it nearly impossible to get him to call or text first? Understandably he’s busy, but don’t forget that people have their phones on them 24/7, regardless of being busy or not. I’ve always firmly believed that it’s petty to wait for him to text you; if you shoot him a text and he doesn’t text back, then f*ck it. There are plenty of reasons he couldn’t be responding, but there are also plenty of reasons for you to seek better instead of staying with someone with mediocre attempts at communicating with you.

2. Make the first move.

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Did I mention they hold the capability of being absolutely horrid with making the first move? I almost feel invalid when they don’t, because I want them to shower me with attention. Am I wrong for that? No, not at all…maybe slightly paranoid, but still. My personality craves a man who will be a man, and make the first move, so that I can be at peace with myself knowing that my efforts of looking as flawless as I possibly could for him to notice me pay off. It’s not too much to ask for.

3. Be romantic.

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If more men could take a tip from sappy movies and Adam Levine, the world would be a better place. There’s nothing better than a guy who lets you know how beautiful you are, without being an overbearing creep. Don’t wait for the guy you’re into to start being romantic when he’s not the type to show his more mushy side. If he isn’t romantic with you, there are a few reasons behind it: he either isn’t that type, he doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea, or he’s staggeringly clueless. Tell him what you want, and if he doesn’t give back, then don’t waste your time ironically waiting for a spontaneous bouquet of roses at your front door.

4. Have sex.

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This is something that blew me the f*ck away each time–when a really hot girl has her legs spread on a silver platter and is willing to be his devoted f*ck buddy, but he doesn’t take up on the offer, and instead spends his time having sex with sub-par girls with sub-par attitudes and a speck of intelligence. Rule of thumb is be so good that you can’t be ignored, and if you are getting ignored, then he clearly is a questionable character who needs to be left alone. Don’t beg for it unless he asks you to in bed.

5. Cheat.

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Sometimes it gets SO BAD that you wait for any iota of evidence to prove that there is in fact another girl. You lurk on his social media like never before, and surely enough, there he is in a picture with a girl you automatically despise because she’s with him, and you aren’t. You drive yourself batsh*t insane just to see why he isn’t talking to you like he used to, why he doesn’t hold you like he used to, why he doesn’t seem to love you like he used to. Don’t play games with him or wait for him to come out that he wants to see someone else. Cheating is vicious, and will tear you apart the more you think about it. Do as much investigating as you can, but also tell him that you are having trouble trusting him because of his, again, childish and rude behavior.

6. Change.

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If you’re not changing for him, he’s not changing for you. It’s that simple. It’s pretty imperious for us ladies to think that he’ll change all of his bad habits for us, but habits are hard to break, and waiting for them to change is like asking yourself to start petting spiders. You won’t do it.

7. Fall in love with you.

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My favorite!! Never wait for love to happen. When it happens, it happens, and when it doesn’t, you move on. There have been so many sickening moments where I’ve asked myself why that guy doesn’t love me when I throw myself out to him, and I’m clearly a devoted woman who is only asking for love. I would wish that I never met that a**hole, and I would pray that I wouldn’t fall in love with the next guy who waltzed into my life. But time and time again, I’ve learned that wishing for love to happen or not happen is impossible because love isn’t something anyone should mess with. Love is surprising and totally weird. That’s  all that should be known, and that’s all that should be accepted. Good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who aren’t afraid of fate.



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