7 Things We Can Learn From Canada’s Perfect Bachelor Tim Warmels

The Bachelor Canada turned heads when brown-eyed babe Tim Warmels took the screen during Season 2 this fall. As of right now, he’s down to Trish and April. Part 1 of the finale showed a distressed April wanting to go home after having a meltdown in her suite in Moorea, Tahiti. I mean, if I was a 27 year old on a TV show and saw a my potential husband dating other women right in front of me, I’d have my doubts too. While we wait until next Tuesday’s episode to see whether Tim will choose April or Trish (in my opinion, Trish is the better match), here are 7 things we can learn from this steamy and successful bachelor.

1. Stay humble.

Tim Warmels may be the perfect male specimen, but he doesn’t let his ego fill his head up. He remains down-to-earth, staying true to his roots as a Campbellville, ON country boy with a big heart and impeccable manners. That makes him so much more attractive than if he were just a super hot, cocky douche.

2. Motivate yourself.

Warmels became the successful entrepreneur that he is by being a motivated student. Warmels was accepted into the esteemed Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, Canada’s top business program. Graduating with honors, he moved to Toronto, working his way to the top as an investment banker, and now he has his own boutique contracting business.

3. Establish who you are before establishing a relationship.

Couples can learn from each other, but if you aren’t grounded and haven’t discovered who you are as a person and aren’t secure with yourself, then maybe it’s time to hold off a relationship. Warmels has established himself as an exemplary professional already and has had two serious relationships, one of them lasting over two years. They broke up because he had an intuition that she wasn’t his soulmate…ladies?

4. Always stay close with your family.

Your family is made up of people who love you and hate you (but really, the ones who hate you secretly love you), and they are the ones who will always be there to support you so long as you respect them. Warmels’ dad is a businessman, and his mom is a schoolteacher, and he also has an older brother. His parents have been married for over 30 years. Warmels hopes he can be in a relationship similar to the one his parents have. Aww!

5. Be active.

Tim Warmels gets his sexy body from being the athlete he is at heart. He loves playing hockey like a true Canadian, and he also likes sailing, scuba diving, and riding horses. He loves traveling, he models, and he even builds custom furniture and renovates his own house when he feels like it. Nothing hotter than a guy who’s active, healthy, innovative, adventurous, and ridiculously good looking.

6. Speak another language.

So many benefits come with learning a new language, especially since businesses are becoming more and more diverse with a whole variety of ethnicities and languages buzzing around in the workplace. Effectively communicating with others in a second language will help you experience new cultures, as well as improve your English speaking by helping you think about grammatical structure and vocabulary more. Warmels happens to be fluent in Spanish…seriously, what a lady killer.

7. Look for someone who is happy with his/her own self and whom you can call your best friend.

Finding someone who is always needy and vying for your attention to fulfill their happiness is a waste of time because you’re never going to be happy with that person. Warmels wants a gal who’s confident, happy, and is just as ambitious as he is, someone who can be his girlfriend and his best friend. Hopefully that will be Trish (he said he could picture a life with her, and he’s even said he’s crazy about her!) We’ll have to wait and see who he ends up with, and wish him best of luck.




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