6 Essentials For The Business Professional’s First Impression


First impressions always count. You will never have a second chance to prove yourself if you don’t totally own your first impression. And when you are a budding entrepreneur, impressing that investor or client could go a long way in helping you seal the deal.

It is important to have certain wardrobe essentials when you are you are going all out to impress your prospects and clients. Here are 6 essentials every business leader needs for a solid first impression.

1. An expensive pen.

A sophisticated pen is a little detail that makes a good impression. Many sales professionals should know this, as it can be horrible handing your valued client a cheap and disposable pen to sign a million-dollar contract.

2. A quality leather wallet and a designer handbag.

These staple items make you look successful. It shows others that not only do you have money, but you have a fashionable and sophisticated way of keeping it. So when someone sees you whip out your Louis Vuitton wallet or strutting with your bag, you’re sure to draw some worthy attention.

3. A stylish watch.

This doesn’t mean that your wristwatch have to be too flashy or glossy, rather it could be elegant and expensive. By wearing an expensive wristwatch you are sending the message to your client that you represent quality and that you have self-worth as regards your time but also on the client’s time.

4. Everyone will look at your shoes. So get great shoes.

If you are a woman, it is ideal to wear nice pair of heels and if you are a man, shoes will apply. As a woman, colors in shoes can have more variety, which makes shopping way more fun for work. However, men should keep a trustworthy pair black or dark brown shoes. Classic, and business professional.

5. A set of casual clothes.

When you invest in quality clothing, it means you are sending the message, ‘I take good care of myself and can do the same for you.’ Casual clothes could mean that you are wearing a comfortable outfit that looks put together, such as a polo shirt and khaki pants. The goal is to feel cozy, yet still look like a boss.

6. Suit up.

Obviously, you need to dress to impress! Whether you are wearing a black, blue, or a grey suit, suits have a way of making a statement. It is best for you to invest in well-tailored and quality designer brands. This may not be too expensive. A splash of color with a tie or handkerchief for the outer chest pocket could add to the perfect image. Women should have their pants or skirts tailored to a professional length, and men should pay attention to their styles when it comes to colors.

When you are going to meet a client, make sure you dress more formal than your client. Be attentive to the professional appearance you are selling. You want to show that you are so f*cking confident in your product, that you didn’t even have to suit up for it. You just wanted to, because you’re a dressy motherf*cker like that.


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