5 Ways to Keep It Classy When You’re Drunk Off Your Ass

‘Drunk off your ass’ doesn’t mean blackout. No one can really help you there. However, there are five different methods you could try to save yourself from public humiliation, and remain proper instead of acting out as a sloshed fool.

1. Don’t stumble around- stay still or walk straight, don’t bump into people.

2. Don’t talk too much, you dont want to slur your words. Smiling and nodding saves a lot of trouble. 

3. Don’t be aggressive. Lifting up girls and pushing your friends around is far from decent behavior. 

4. Don’t look sloppy. If your shirt was tucked in the beginning of the night, it shouldn’t be pulled out and half-unbuttoned. 

5. Know your limits. Drink water… and if you are about to puke don’t announce it. Spare the details, go to the bathroom, and hurl. 

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