5 Types Of Guys You Meet On New Years Eve


Ah, New Year’s Eve is upon us,the magical night of ringing in the new year. And kicking off the new year always means multiple parties at multiple venues. There are always the house parties with crazy themes and BYOB where you’re always too drunk to get off your friend’s couch. You have the option to go rage with all of your friends at a concert (but really, you’re thinking about popping bottles at the afterparty), or you could take your girlfriends out to the bar where “the biggest party of the year” is celebrated with shots, shots, and more shots. No matter how cliche all of these events are, we all end up attending for the pure sake of serious fear of missing out (FOMO). But more importantly, we look for our potential New Year’s kiss from the prime guy we can snag at these particular events. I mean, we don’t get all dolled up for nothing!

So wherever it is you decide to go, make sure to look out for these guys. It always happens, and we always choose the wrong dude. Let’s try to look out for the signs and choose the right guy to share that new years eve kiss with.

The one who likes to dance.

This guy pretty much is always f*cked up and usually has hot breath. He will just about get with anyone but it’s cool because he is always dancing and always having a great time.

The “cool” guy.

This is the dbag that is usually the promoter at the bar who will text you non stop to bring in all your “hot girls” to party with him, but usually when you see him he acts like he doesn’t know you. He is always really hot and super dressed up but with no personality. Thanks for the tickets jerk off, talk to you never.

The guy no one invited but always shows up, who always takes it too far.

Ah, this guy is usually someone’s friend from home who only goes out once a year. For clear reasons that only he should understand. He usually ends up puking or hitting on the wrong girl. He’s usually a nice guy, just doesn’t know how to express himself freely.

The d*ckhead.

This guy usually makes a girl at the party cry and his girlfriend always has his back. We hate to see this kid out but if he is actually nice to you, you flock to him because if you don’t you will have a miserable time.

The nice guy.

This is the guy we all decide to look over and is the one who usually is paying the most attention to us. All he wants is a New Year’s Eve kiss so he does things for us throughout the night to try to make that happen. Like get us a drink or give up his spot on the pong table. We are so naive that we look past him and try to hook up with another guy at the party to only end up with no kiss and no place to sleep.


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