5 Things Women Look For When Men Approach Us


There are so many single men just thriving in the city trying to find the next girl to bring home; and that makes us women happy.

We have learned the value of what “getting a drink” really entails and we have learned and are learning to not expect our Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet. Love is a difficult game to win and I believe women everywhere are starting to put themselves first and not just their hearts and we are really learning to change the game.

With that being said, we have turned into complete man eaters. My conversations with my ladies after a long night out consists of completely bashing men that we came in contact with the night before and it is absolutely hilarious. I am not sure what men are thinking when they approach a good looking lady (yes, I only roll with sexy b*tches) but there are a few things you need to re-evaluate before you try spitting your lame ass game on us.

Because let’s face it: we are all out for one reason even if we don’t completely come off and say it. If you fail to recognize these 5 problems, then you are going to be one lonely individual.

5. Hygiene.

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The beautiful thing about people is there are so many different types of people and each individual person likes a different style. But there is one thing that I really can’t see anyone going for and it’s bad personal hygiene.

I am sorry but there are some dudes out there that need to sharpen up. I love scruffy guys and I love clean cut guys. What I don’t love is a guy who is trying to be scruffy but he takes it to the extreme and his beard is just all over and his clothes are dirty.

Another thing about hygiene where some people need to take a hint is with their teeth. I don’t care how many times you need to brush your teeth before coming out, especially if you smoke cigarettes, make sure you floss those bad boys. Bad breath and black teeth is not a good look.

4. His watch.

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The first thing I always look for when a man approaches me is what type of watch he is wearing. If you are wearing a nice watch then we know you have style. If you don’t have an expensive watch, then don’t wear one at all. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Literally.

3. Feet and hands.

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Now, I know men cannot really help how they were made but the first thing I always look for is what type of shoe he is wearing and how big his hands and feet are.

Little hands weird me out. I don’t mean to point out that small hands lead to other little things. I would still go for it. As long as you take care of the girl in other ways to make up for those little things, you should be good.

2. Confidence.

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If there is one thing I cannot stand is a man who is not confident. Being confident is kind of something some people have and some people don’t, I get that. But you are a man! Take pride in that.

I shouldn’t have to be the one who makes the first move. I also don’t want to hear from a guy why other people are better than him, etc. I want a man who thinks he is the best and is not afraid to be who he is. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how much money you have, if you are confident you can get any girl in the world.

1. Manners.

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The absolute worst thing in the world is a man who has no manners. I cannot stand it when guys think it’s cool to be rude to people, not help out when someone needs it, piss on bars, get in bar fights or are just plain mean. Have some f*cking respect for people and stop being such a d*ckhead.



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