5 Tips to Succeed on the First Date

You could’ve seen her anywhere: the mall, the park, or even the supermarket. You see a beautiful girl, and you’re compelled to talk to her. Now that you’ve asked her out, you’re getting ready to go on your first date. You’re excited and nervous at the same time, but you can’t wait for the night to begin. Before you step out the door, remember the following tips.

1. Dress Nicely & Accordingly

This is important, especially if this is a blind date. You’re making a first impression. We’re not asking you to be in a 3-piece suit and tie, but at least make yourself presentable. Remember to dress accordingly. If you’re going to an upscale restaurant you may want to wear a shirt and tie. But if it’s a little more relaxed, like miniature golf or a movie date, then jeans and a nice shirt will be just fine. Furthermore, I cannot stress enough being clean-shaven and making sure your hair looks nice. It’s little details like that which increase your chance of a second date. It pays to put your best foot forward.

2. Pay Attention to Her

Common sense guys, the both of you are taking time out of your busy schedules, so don’t waste her time or yours. This means stay off your phone. Remember, you’re on a date with her, NOT YOUR PHONE. If you absolutely have to make a call, excuse yourself and take care of it. Otherwise, save it for later. I can’t stress this enough, you’re on a date. Get to know the person in front of you. Text messages and phone calls should take a backseat for now.

3. Manners

This goes hand-in-hand with paying attention to your date. Don’t talk with your mouth full, chew with your mouth closed, and no expelling gas. A girl doesn’t want to go on a date with a farm animal, she wants to date a gentleman. So don’t act the way you would around your friends. Not only that, but don’t use any foul language. Having a mouth like a truck driver is not attractive. Remember: mind your manners!

4. Try Something New

The first date doesn’t have to be dinner and a movie. Try mixing it up a little. Try something more fun like the bowling alley or the ice skating rink. Even mini golf is a great way to ease the tension and make the first date a little more relaxing. Not only that, but it takes away the nerves of being on a first date with someone you really like. You’re more likely to open up to your date and be more social with her when you’re doing something fun.

5. Be Yourself

This is most important of all. Girls like it when a guy is genuine and doesn’t put on an act. Don’t act like a total jerk because you think it’ll make you look cool. From our perspective, you just look stupid. Don’t try to act like someone else either. The girl chose to go on a date with you because she likes your personality, not someone else’s. If you think of yourself as a comedian, then feel free to crack a joke. Be yourself and your date will love you.

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