5 Things To Teach Children To Help Them Excel In Life

From the moment they arrive into this world, children are born innocent. They have that special something that through life, we all lose… innocence.

Our natural instinct is to protect our child, to enable them to grow unaffected from the world around them.  Children are the most beautiful, innocent, human beings . As they grow, they begin to develop their own personalities.  We watch them grow into their own persona… some shy, some outgoing, some children at the site of seeing an amusement park, love adventure; others, not so much!  Children want to be loved and needed; they want to learn; experience life, feel safe.  They don’t have a care in the world, nor should they.

As young as the age of one year old, they are faced with adversity, possibly from another toddler wanting their juice and taking it from them.  Some children face other challenges via their health; such as, speech impediments, poor eye sight.  While other children battle weight problems, or not being very athletic and getting rejected from a team they dreamed of playing with.

If children don’t have a strong home base, the more they mature and experience life, they could lose confidence and their care free spirit; or acquire fear to be themselves.

Personally, there were some things I picked up quite easily as a kid; and then on the down side, there were things that didn’t come so easy.

I have the experience of observing children daily in my position of Nanny, and through my own experience; as we age, and depending on what degree of life experiences they have actually participated, the harder it is for them to understand different concepts, getting involved out of their comfort zone.

Here are 5 ideas to teach your children to practice, so when they reach adulthood, they will be confident in themselves and the environment around them.


5. A healthy mind, body and soul will allow you to grow and live longer than you can ever imagine.

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A healthy mind in a healthy body.  Physically or mentally, if you don’t take care of yourself, you will face more hardship and negativity throughout your life. Taking care of your body by working out, eating healthy; and scheduling appointments; such as, visiting your doctor for your yearly check-ups, are essential to living a long and happy life. Being good to yourself, not only physically, but mentally, will allow you to understand yourself and help you progress. Remember that the conversation you have within yourself, and with others, are ways to practice healthy habits, and allow your soul to grow, and your mind to expand. Being healthy enables you to stay positive and feel great, creating a way of life, that can actually change your life, for the better.


4. Accepting diversity is crucial.

The world we live in is always changing and you never know where you will end up. People are succeeding in the world that some, once thought, never would. For instance, Richard Branson is dyslexic. There are people who once thought someone with this condition would never be able to pass first grade, let alone become one of the most influential individuals in the world. Accepting people and things of all backgrounds, concepts and ideas, is key to excelling in the world we live in today. There is no time for racism, hate crimes or chauvinism, because the more you spend time disliking someone or something, the better chance someone else will be using that time to advance in their career, and life. Always remember, “Small minds discuss people, and Great minds discuss ideas!”


3. How to handle finances.

Money rules the world, whether you want to believe it or not.  I wish I listened to my Mom, about saving money and knowing the value of a dollar. When you get to the age of entering, “the real world”- the financial life will really take its toll on you. If you don’t know how to balance a checkbook, or pay a bill, you’re pretty much screwed if you want to do something for yourself. Teach your kids about money and how to handle their finances; they will thank you for it later.


2.  Reading will illuminate ones knowledge, creativity and imagination.

Teaching and showing a child that reading multiple books, across multiple topics, will allow their mind to expand, and open up to them a whole new world that they may have never known about.  When you read a book, about anything- travel, love, biographies, fiction or non-fiction, your mind opens up to fresh experiences, unusual perspectives and greater outlooks. You learn about your past, present and future.

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Reading allows your mind to develop, and your eyes to open up to new possibilities, perhaps leading you to chase a dream or change your life. Reading is a powerful force that alters your perception and allows you to imagine and create a life you never imagined. Not to mention, you will sound really cool when you are actually able to communicate, what you have read and learned, to another individual, and you actually know the subject, you are discussing.


1. Always introduce yourself.

To some people, introductions are awkward.  I have seen outgoing children completely change when being introduced to someone. Their response is to hide behind their parent, or whomever they are standing with. This reaction can carry on throughout their life, and it’s something that needs to be addressed.

At times now, I find myself feeling awkward when meeting someone for the first time.  With no one to hide behind, I remove this uncomfortable feeling and step out of my shell.

Teach your children to always introduce themselves, along with a firm handshake. Yes, as young as they are, teach them this!  You never know who, or where, you will meet someone that can possibly change your life.

Be confident!  Introduce yourself without fear; delivering a good, first impression, that will make or break you.



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